hiking in a sentence

Example sentences for hiking

Bring water-plus your hiking boots and mountain bike.
We make sure to get in lots of fishing, hiking and rock climbing.
Hiking, cycling and cooking good food at home are as satisfying as driving expensive cars and eating at fancy restaurants.
Perhaps we'll spend more time hiking and biking and less time buying.
Fuel indicator window reminds you to refill before hiking into the wilderness.
These blinders can last up to eight hours on a hiking path, underwater or wherever you would otherwise use a flashlight.
When you go hiking, you wear a proper pair of hiking boots.
Summer is fast approaching, and it's a great time for hiking.
These interventions range from scenic viewing platforms and bicycle storage shelters to rest stations and hiking paths.
Part of the fun of hiking in the woods is the treat of coming across a bush chock-full of wild berries.
Bicyclists must stay off the hiking trails and stick to the roads.
The first guy immediately drops to the ground and starts changing from his hiking boots into his running shoes.
Another thing to keep in mind when you push for hiking the capital gains tax.
The rest of the island is covered with remote, forested mountains, which are laced with hundreds of hiking trails.
Eco-therapists counsel patients to slow down and reconnect with nature by hiking, gardening or simply taking walks outdoors.
They found dozens within walking distance of hiking trails and hotels.
When he walks down a street in his loosely laced hiking boots and baggy jeans, some people see a menace to society.
Endemic wildlife also poses a significant risk to hikers, particularly those hiking in the dim, pre-sunrise hours.
Familiarity with ice axes is necessary for those hiking in winter.
If you're looking for solitude in the form of a backcountry hiking, camping or off-road experience, this is the place.
Come prepared for some rugged terrain by shopping at one of the nearby hiking stores for gear.
Hiking, horseback riding, backpacking and scenic drives are popular ways of experiencing the parks.
Take the funicular railway up to the castle if you aren't in the mood for hiking.
Option excursions are available throughout the tour and include shopping in local markets and hiking in the country.
Shore excursions run the gamut from sledding to hiking to cultural and arts events.
If hiking alone, let someone know where you are going and when you plan to return.
Bikes and motorized vehicles are not allowed on any of the hiking trails located within the monument.
Check out the weather for the area you will be hiking in and dress appropriately.
Most hiking routes in the park are cross-country, up canyons, or along ridges.
Consider hiking in the early morning to avoid the heat of the day.
Enjoy the solitude, peace, and challenge that hiking in this beautiful park offers.
Click on links below to download hiking and bicycling brochures.
Keep your hiking party together and stay on officially maintained trails.
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