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One study suggested people learned better after a nature walk than a city hike, a proposition for which plenty of evidence exists.
Everyone attending the walk should be aware of the demanding nature of this hike and be properly equipped.
They watch five people hike along a track bordered by a ravine.
And the cake maker will have an economic motivation to complicate his cakes and hike his prices.
The hike is a steep climb up the side of a volcanic cone.
The scare propaganda gets weaker with each yearly double-digit premium hike.
Some people get really creative with the stamps that they make and the stories they tell via the series of stamps along a hike.
As tuitions hike upwards it would be better to improve the faculty rather then build it based on bed partnerships.
After only a three hour drive and a mild hike, you will have the chance to photograph the actual trees which were sampled.
After breakfast you can rummage through collections of dinosaur bones, go bird-watching, or hike in the hills.
But she solved it by taking a long, long hike in the park adjacent to her home every day when her husband came home form work.
The government also worried that a foreigner might hike in a remote area and get injured, creating bad press.
That's a tax hike of about a hundred and thirty-three per cent.
Hike, snorkel, and kayak with extraordinary wildlife.
She likes to hike and volunteer, and she hangs out at the farmers' market.
He says he prefers to live life modestly and enjoys nothing so much as a hike in the country.
They've all worked on the mountain for a decade or more, and if you're ready to hike, these are your best guides.
Overall, economists have become less worried about the job-destroying effects of a modest hike in the minimum wage.
It mitigates the impact of the rate hike by raising the threshold of earnings to which it applies.
But another, equally plausible, argument is that a small hike will do little.
Hike the defence budget, control oil and print money.
Both have absorbed large increases in gas prices in the last two years and face another large hike next year.
It's known as a challenging but rewarding hike that opens up beautiful, far-reaching views of the valley below.
If you're willing to hike in the dry, warm area, there is plenty more to see and do.
Make sure you're prepared before you head out for your desert hike.
If a debt ceiling hike occurs without a deficit reduction plan, then we'll know pretty quickly.
Unlike businesses, which cut losing operations, colleges simply hike their tuitions.
It's worth noting that a deduction phase-out is actually worse than a marginal tax hike.
If so, that power may tell the head of state to take a hike.
Going on a hike is wonderful way to experience some of the canyon's rich natural beauty and immense size.
Spectacular views are the payoff for this challenging hike.

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Then I made a hike, for I didn't like to hear him sizzle so; And the heavens scowled, and the huskies howle... more
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