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But more organized pirates will hijack freighters, off-load the cargo to sell later, and put the crew out to sea.
When the driver thwarted their attempt to hijack the vehicle, they tried to detonate the homemade bombs they were carrying.
He was captured as he tried to hijack another automobile.
He would use those results to design products that hijack the neurobiological reward circuitry in our brains.
Instead, they hijack your natural affinity for visual shortcuts by pummeling your brain with advertising.
From barnacles that hijack crabs to a protozoan that makes rodents cozy up to cats, parasites do a lot more than make you puke.
Security personnel can take in as much as pirates when a hijack is resolved.
Some ways to hijack this type of equipment have already been revealed.
To hijack a word--marriage--that so clearly represents a naturally observable fact of life makes no sense.
Please don't hijack article or blog discussions to complain about the redesign or to complain about mistreatment by the moderator.
Solution: hijack an ant's body to do the work for you-and then inhabit it.
We need to quit letting politicians hijack our science and get everyone's education improved.
Tumors hijack this system to build blood vessels for themselves.
But when the viruses hijack the process, the host can't reproduce again,.
Apparently nobody thought that a pilot who wants to hijack a plane doesn't need a scissors.
The likelihood of one of its counterparts marshalling the expertise to hijack and fly four commercial airliners is small.
Some feed on the host's tissue directly, or hijack its molecular machinery to reproduce.
Unfortunately, though, it offers an open door for cyber-criminals seeking to hijack computers for dastardly deeds.
In the past, both donors and recipients have tended to hijack the debate for their own purposes.
Hijack one such account, and you can exploit a whole network of trusting and trusted contacts.
They hijack host cells the way all viruses do, for example.
Many animals are armed with chemicals that hijack the nervous systems of their targets, producing feelings of intense pain.
In living organisms, real viruses hijack cells in much the same way.
If you clean things up, reset the home page and reboot, the hijack happens again.
There are a limited number of ways to hijack deposit accounts.
Drugs hijack this system, causing unusually large amounts of dopamine to flood the system.
Hijack attempts or actual events are a matter of national security and require special handling.
These changes hijack what was once normal communication and use it to achieve uncontrolled tumor growth.
There is software that will hijack your desktop and cursor--and you won't even know about it.
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