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Belcher's wizardry has attracted attention from the highest levels of government.
It was the highest-grossing film of the year, and helped inspire an entire genre of movies about aviation.
It is the highest emblem in the cipher of the world.
Higher praise there cannot well be, and it is the praise due to epic poetry of the highest order only, and to no other.
Enterprises of the highest importance to our moral and material well-being unite us and offer ample employment of our best powers.
Explain that each part of a wave has a name-the highest part of a wave is called the crest, and the lowest part is the trough.
Show how the highest part of a wave is called the crest, and the lowest part is the trough.
Only the highest mountains poked through the giant ice sheets.
The highest level of genetic diversity in modern dogs should exist in the region where the animals first came under human control.
Once students have filled in the boxes, have them draw arrows from the lowest members to the highest members of the food chain.
These countries also have among the highest burdens of infectious diseases.
Funds with the highest costs produce the lowest returns, as client money is absorbed in charges and bid-offer spreads.
These countries also have among the highest burden of infectious diseases.
It also had the highest subscription rates, once exchange rates were adjusted for local spending power.
In the summer, annual inflation reached its highest rate for three years, though it has since eased.
In mammals, the highest natural concentration of fluoride is found in bones and teeth.
Noon on a well-made, properly paced sundial is whenever the sun is highest right there.
While you can theoretically use your fingers to operate the device, this is in reality a fool's errand of the highest order.
It's the highest-resolution, near-global topographic image of our lunar neighbour yet.
Keep in mind that winning grants to write the dissertation should be one of your highest priorities.
Without exception, the courses in which the average grade was highest received the best student evaluations.
Certainly, the decision provided legal heft and the protection of the highest court against challenges to forced sterilization.
Your goal must be to publish the highest quality research papers.
They could enroll in the highest introductory-level freshman physics course offered.
Make sure your husband sends out more applications in the fall, then see if his current employer will beat the highest offer.
Long-term energy solutions that do not threaten our existence need to be the highest priority of the western world.
Some critics have said that the difference only shows up among the highest levels of math skills.
Among those who have had the highest relative benefit from high fruit and veggie intake were smokers and heavy drinkers.
Psychiatrists themselves have the highest incidence of mental illness of all the medical specialties, and of suicide.
If people charge during the day, when electric load is highest, power companies may have to build peaking natural gas plants.
Success is commonly defined as obtaining the highest level of something.
The return lists the organization's highest-paid employees.
The torture of prisoners, authorized at the highest level, has been an ethical and a public-diplomacy catastrophe.
One of the difficulties of working at the highest level of government is communicating its drama.
Maintaining the physical plant is the second highest budget item.
The aim of such an organ was never to seek the highest good, only the common good.
But this is history and politics at the highest level.
The areas where there was no access to fresh food also had the highest rates of diet-related deaths.
Apple stores tend to be some of the highest grossing per square foot in many malls.
Does anyone have a video card that runs the latest games at the highest settings smoothly.
Government officials at the highest levels monitored their work.
That's really the paper's highest priority right now, and you're our guy.
The people in this group represent journalism specialist of the highest order who deserve to get paid to write.
Let's look at the problem from the highest possible level and work down.
The southern portion of this fault is generally believed to have the highest probability of rupture.
The right image shows the water levels: lowest where it's hot, highest where it's cold.
Once one gets to the highest entropy state, one needs to know the value for every single variable in order to replicate the state.
As sediments are subducted, silicate melt with the highest density will move down.
Concentrations of nutrients and pesticides are highest during runoff following chemical applications.
The world's highest resolution projection lithography tool.
Triumph and tragedy on the world's highest mountain.
However, that screen is targeted toward a younger population and designed to identify the highest-risk individuals in midlife.
The migration rate is the highest from the areas with the poorest people.
People in the top fifth percentile of drinkers had the highest odds for anxiety.

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