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It's known that taller people tend to have more jobs with more authority-and higher salaries.
The higher your elevation, the cooler the temperatures will be, in both winter and summer.
For centuries, logging and farming had pushed pandas to steeper and higher terrain.
Other estimates put the number even higher, and it is projected to continue growing.
There were major creative challenges, such as how you represent higher dimensions on a stage.
Transformation of plants to coal is a time-temperature problem, much shorter time at higher temperature.
Higher elevations, of course, are prone to snow and ice in the winter.
The picture is also higher resolution and you can see it better.
The only thing that is higher these days is what the student-taxpayer owes the companies who encouraged the loans.
Prices on all kinds have advanced, and are higher now than they have ever been.
Higher salaries, improved status and apprenticeships would change that.
People try harder to beat a weakling than to topple a higher-ranked opponent.
Consequently, faster wind will result in a higher rpm than will a slower air movement.
Higher levels of dopamine in fall and winter could explain yearly mood cycles.
The higher atomic number elements are created by supernovas.
The process of creating higher atomic number elements from lower ones is fusion.
It has a lower operating cost that only looks better as fuel prices climb higher and higher.
So relative to what you normally hear, it sounds higher.
The number of new eggs may be higher than killed bugs.
But others say that spikes of these chemicals, at levels much higher than normal, are a red flag for doping.
At higher temperatures, the former rate is faster than the latter and the ice melts.
We can build higher-dimensional number systems as well.
Under the right conditions, the air continues to be uplifted, causing the cloud to build higher and higher.
They probably form part of the sensory or higher reflex path.
Among the wounded officers in the ambulances were one, a lieutenant of regulars, and another of higher rank.
She had climbed her way, since then, to a higher point.
But some estimates over the past five years have suggested that the temperature change may be much higher.
Even objects with a higher density than quicksand will float on it-until they move.
Now two biologists suggest that these luxurious tresses have a higher purpose than vanity.
Almost half of the world's people now live in cities, and the proportion is even higher in the developed regions of the world.
But unlike its relatives, the newfound bird has no white coloring across its eyes and sings a higher-pitched, more lilting song.
At high water the river spread and rose even higher.
But this year the stakes seem higher somehow, even as the impediments appear steeper.
When voltage is applied, the polymer's electrons are raised to a higher energy level.
Some are seeking higher ground, others are breeding earlier, and many can't find enough to eat.
We are now in the part of the cycle where the sun's activity is higher.
For instance, low air pressure lightens the grip, and higher air pressure makes it firmer.
It's now possible to look at individual genes in algal cells and higher plants and calculate their similarity.
We are happy to review articles or proposals for articles about issues and policies affecting higher education.
The longer gas stays expensive, the higher the chance we'll see alternatives.
The higher the mintage, the higher the probability of finding a coin.
The higher the perceived risk-and there's always some risk-the higher the interest rate the bond must carry.
Over the years, higher and higher operating voltages have been added to it.
Apps, of course, provide an even higher degree of photograph customization and pro-quality photo editing abilities to smartphones.
In higher concentrations, it destabilizes bacterial cell walls.
Aside from getting a higher-paying job, there's not much out there to boost your balance.
Information technology became cheaper and brought a higher return.
Food prices will settle at a higher level, or fall back.
Had inflation and interest rates been higher, policymakers would have had more room to cut rates.
Sweet and sour smells were rated as higher-pitched, smoky and woody ones as lower-pitched.
They receive milder prison sentences and higher damages in simulated legal proceedings.
The doubters argued that workers would demand higher wages to protect themselves against the rise in inflation.
Higher bond yields can result from stronger economic-growth expectations, fiscal worries or higher inflation.
As you would expect, this is mostly attributable to higher health-care inflation, and old people's heavier use of it.
The employers who promised higher pensions in the past knew they would not be in their posts when the bill became due.
Imports were inflated by higher oil prices and larger imports of energy following the shutdown of nuclear-power plants.
Higher prices in and of themselves are not inflationary.
At the same time weaker currencies have not been punished in the traditional way-by higher inflation.
Their role is to prevent one-off surges from translating into persistently higher pressure on prices.
Hence a flurry of new thinking about higher education.
Riskier portfolios do typically pay higher returns, but with the obvious downside of higher risk.
Higher inflation expectations would have a number of benefits.
Commercially sponsored research is putting at risk the paramount value of higher education-disinterested inquiry.
Ridge soaring is the way of gliding that allows higher speeds since a pilot rarely has to stop and climb.
They're also higher than the top effective tax rate, including payroll taxes.
Yet rates have been much, much higher in prior years.
Green technology, especially in automobiles, may get a big boost from higher fossil-fuel prices.
The bad news is that those higher prices result from higher demand in the developing world.
For white teenagers it finds a correlation between higher grades and popularity among other whites.
But higher taxes on the rich alone won't close the deficit.
Longer shipping routes, more refined gas, and more convenient service station locations are all culprits in higher gas prices.
He has already established a path to higher office that has eluded minority politicians for generations.
Theoretically, when employers pay lower health benefits, they pay higher wages.
Cleaning up the environment exacted its costs through lost jobs, higher utility bills, and more expensive automobiles.
Patients on the newer, patented drugs had higher rates of stroke and heart failure.
Those who complete a higher education still do better economically.
His integration of high-end manufacture with a higher purpose is widely admired among his colleagues in the fashion industry.
McAllen, with its high poverty rate, has an incidence of heavy drinking sixty per cent higher than the national average.
It's a little higher and faster, but with odd, devastating pauses and saturnine shades of mockery.
They are innately aware of a higher calling that is no laughing matter.
How much easier and cleaner to make decisions in consultation with a higher authority.
Americans, arriving by private steamship, were routinely charged higher prices.
When it came to higher mathematics, he might have been one in a hundred thousand students or better.
When he next resurfaced, he had grabbed an even higher rung on the ladder to success.
The bigger the baseline, or distance between telescopes, the higher the resolution.
It held that higher productivity invariably led to more diversity.
The latest version boasts higher resolution and an expanded field of view.
Higher frequencies of vibration represent larger energies.
Generally, the higher the backbone or hump behind its head, the higher the quality.
And there are much lower-energy machines with higher total beam power.
And, as one would expect in a society that prizes meanness, the more aggressive cubs grew up into higher ranking adults.
Then you accompany the white noise with the light flash, and now the rat jumps higher than it does when it hears the noise alone.
The composites conduct electricity and can withstand much higher temperatures than the polymers alone.
As people age, they lose the ability to hear in the higher frequencies.
One of them is what shape singularities can form in this higher dimensional space.
So the possibility of these kinds of tragedies will increase as our goals get higher and higher.
That's slightly higher than last year's increase, and much higher than the increases in previous years.
Tubes with heated oil flow into the molten salts, raising the temperature even higher, and the salts retain the heat energy.
Instead, it will to focus on higher value products, such as moisturizers for cosmetics.
At a higher cognitive level, you might be comparing what you read with your own experiences.
The more energy packed into a battery, the higher the danger that the liquid electrolyte will catch fire.
As a result, the researchers can shrink transistor features, resulting in devices that work at higher frequencies.
Gearboxes in offshore turbines, which face higher wind speeds, are even more vulnerable than those in onshore turbines.
They slow down and produce higher waves in shallower water.
The idea of all poetry as not national, but always translation into a higher medium, is true for all three poets.
These correlations among crude oil prices are markedly higher than are observed for virtually any other traded good or service.
The right-hand octaves in the higher register provide metallic brilliance, and the lower left-hand octaves a thunderous sonority.
But with specialists earning much higher incomes per unit of working time, primary care doctors are disappearing.
But similar imitations are not unknown in the higher reaches of the building art.
They all want to practice it to the higher levels, but no one was teaching them.

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