high water in a sentence

Example sentences for high water

Using desert plants in the rest of the landscape helps compensate for the lawn's high water usage.
The intervening land is cut up by bayous filled from the river in high water-many of them navigable for steamers.
They seem to mark a high water mark in typography and offset printing.
Good salt, apparently, has a relatively high water content.
And include water that is spilled during high water conditions.
The human body isn't especially flammable, she reasons, and has high water content.
According to the scientists, its presence is a good sign: one of high water quality.
At high water the river spread and rose even higher.
In the early days, below-ground burial was not possible because of the high water table.
Almost the entire business district and a large residential area are affected by high water.
Please refer to this site for the latest high water conditions.
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