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Example sentences for high spirits

Jared's high spirits made him popular with students, and he was wise enough not to date them, ever.
He was given to a bizarre kind of fun in high spirits, and occasionally to real gayety.
People are not well fed, nor in high spirits as to the future.
It had not occurred to the lady to do that, and she trotted away in high spirits.
Ralph was in high spirits, flipping over the chicken breasts, pushing down tenderly on the steaks.
Such displays of animal high spirits were not, however, confined to the gentleman's later years.
There were both high spirits and threat in the lilting, carnivalesque music in the first movement.
Boyish high jinks are his strong suit, and energetic high spirits and sly irreverence.
The floors weren't the only reason for high spirits: the hardwood trees in the hills are now beginning to blaze.
The poll workers are in high spirits and are managing things with grace and efficiency.
Dancing almost always indicates good health and high spirits.
They finished out the rest of the days fishing in high spirits, and headed toward shore later that evening.
The winter holidays are a time for celebratory gatherings of family and friends, food and drink, and high spirits.
The researchers, about to spend a month doing what they live for, were in high spirits and their mood was infectious.
At the close of the celebration, people left in high spirits.
Music and movement activities provide an outlet for children's high spirits and creative energy.
Leaf was impressed by their sharp minds, high spirits, and relentless sense of humor.
All were in high spirits as folks mingled and spent time greeting old friends and meeting new ones.
So we've got a lot of success over the last few weeks leading up to this election, and the soldiers are in high spirits.
The day's end sent the open house guests home with warm hearts, high spirits, and full stomachs.

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