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Example sentences for hierarchies

Our city is bedeviled by such ingrained hierarchies.
They may be establishing breeding hierarchies for the coming mating season.
As with other social insects, it was once thought that workers were essentially equivalent in ant colony hierarchies.
Better communications would let troops act swiftly and with accurate intelligence, skirting creaky hierarchies.
Their academic hierarchies leave me sketching out organizational charts to try and make sense of it all.
The conventional academic hierarchies are quite muddled in the digital humanities.
Hierarchies are everywhere evident in phenomenal experience.
Wolf packs are supposedly despotic hierarchies dominated by alpha wolves.
One reason for this acceleration is that company hierarchies are flatter than they used to be.
He also includes notes on how people handle food, family, friendship and social hierarchies.
These salaried sultans ruled over sprawling conglomerates with elaborate hierarchies and ornate headquarters.
In both places corporate hierarchies are despised, risk-taking is rewarded and failure tolerated.
And they have flattened their management hierarchies to make themselves nimbler and fitter.
Males, by contrast, will seek to establish hierarchies that keep potentially devastating conflicts under control.
They have complex social hierarchies and some aspects of what anthropologists consider culture.
And then you start losing your confidence and then the hierarchies develop.

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