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Flavor and color treats are hiding inside these familiar-looking fruits.
We had success hiding the less-than-lovely edging by planting the ground around it.
To keep the koi safe from marauding raccoons and great blue herons, the pond has steep sides and hiding places for the fish.
She wasn't in the yard with the other chickens, she didn't seem to be in their house, she wasn't hiding in a corner anywhere.
Many unknown dinosaurs await discovery in rock formations all over the world, but some new species are hiding in plain sight.
Ecologists once thought that many small mammals stick to tried-and-true routes amid dense vegetation that provides good hiding.
When the dry amber began to crumble, the officials instead tried hiding the room behind thin wallpaper.
Or maybe they need enhanced intelligence to extract food embedded in a tough shell or to collect termites hiding in a mound.
In other, smaller, species the females are better off hiding or running away.
If someone seemed absolutely perfect, onlookers would doubt they were real, or would believe they were hiding something.
His self-control in the wilderness becomes even more remarkable considering the secrets he was hiding.
Many of them on the other hand were hiding and sawing them.
They made a plan to transfer many of the objects to secret hiding places.
Wildlife smugglers evade detection by hiding illegal wildlife in legal shipments, according to the magazine.
They emerge from their subterranean hiding spots only at night to feed and during spring mating.
Again the trio managed to escape, successfully hiding in the uplands for two years.
Hiding in the setting sun behind a tree, the photographer kept the sky from blowing out by being over-exposed.
Spotting the ray, small groups of fish swim out of their hiding places.
Spiders can make as many as seven different kinds of silk, with all different purposes-from making egg cases, to hiding.
Their adornments seem shockingly conspicuous, but they blend well when hiding amid the exotic reef colors.
Humans struggle to isolate themselves from it, hiding in overheated houses, taking winter holidays in hot climates.
One contained a metal-framed bed in which someone was hiding.
He and his economic team deny they are hiding their plans, pointing to numerous parliamentary motions.
The rest are thought to be hiding in the bush, praying that neither rebels nor government soldiers find them.
Many companies have spent decades hiding the environmental and health costs of their industries.
Now it's sitting in a cubicle hiding from the boss, or sitting at home to pay again for the album you already own.
Multinational drug companies are vast conspiracies selling products with fat margins and hiding their deadly side-effects.
They enable easier communication but they obfuscate by hiding the details of the process behind a label.
Functional résumés are harder to pull off successfully, partly because readers wonder if you are hiding something.
We should be concerned that there are some professors out there who are hiding behind tenure and doing nothing.
When a candidate is hiding something, it's easy to see.
Unfortunately, colleges often make matters worse by hiding behind technicalities and acting with arrogance.
Several people were hiding behind bushes in a field and the narrator had to try to find them.
Not answering the student's questions suggest that they are hiding something.
People who avoid using averages are often hiding something.
If they shift nervously or glance around the room, there might be something they're hiding.
The ocean rose up around me, hiding that low, dark patch from my eyes.
It is no use hiding from a friend what is known to an enemy.
Sometimes he could not find a hiding place and that confused him.
He went up to it quietly and felt that there was some one hiding behind it.
Unadmitted motives are in the habit of hiding behind such unsatisfactory explanations.
They seek areas of weak light and avoid areas of strong, burning light by hiding close to the cell walls.
In different environments, certain appearances are more useful than others, especially when hiding from predators.
Tarantulas are much happier hiding in burrows and eating roaches and crickets in captivity, than hunting people down.
The independent auditor keeps management from hiding bad news.
Hiding the true extent of problems, only causes them to fester and make things worse.
Underground building is good place to hiding from enemy.
It seems that everywhere you find a group of humans, you'll find a clan of rats hiding in the shadows.
But that's not a solution to the problem, it's merely a way of hiding it.
The agency accused the company of hiding information on public health threats.
Their best hiding places were thought to be at the centers of dense clumps of stars called globular clusters.
Few courses at university teach it properly because of the interest of the supporting concerns in hiding some of its essentials.
They suggested that the investors could stymie such attempts by putting their money into diamonds and hiding them.
But this time they were arrested and accused of bringing food to insurgent fighters hiding outside the city.
There's no dignity in hiding from an undignified story.
We're not going to do the whole hiding in the shadows thing.
She is, she explains, hiding out from hotel security after crashing a wedding on a whim.
So, as the candy speeds by, they begin hiding their failures by stuffing the extra unwrapped pieces in their mouths and hats.
It's a ring outfitted with compartments for hiding things.
Many of its vacant units provided hiding places for drug users.
Faced with the unappealing prospect of going hungry, farmers began hiding their grain.
But when vehicles are searched, whites are more often found to be hiding contraband.
Instead, courage will flow from a determination to face the problem of evil, not from a skill in hiding it.
Although many species develop ways of camouflaging themselves, they do not end up hiding in isolation.
Tunnels are relatively cheap, and extremely effective for hiding weapons and people.
Students started hiding gloves in their clothing, only to have shirts and pants torn off by rivals.
The number is nearly meaningless, in some ways overselling the car and in some ways hiding its potential benefits.
It might even be hiding under the superficial veil of apathy.
Even when he was taking a stand that was courageous, he managed to make it sound as if he were in hiding or only half-awake.
The seeker bot knows this, and so it would look for the clue of a fallen marker to predict where its target is hiding.
Researchers tend to look for answers where the looking is good, rather than where the answers are likely to be hiding.
For starters, once injected by the mosquito, the parasites are in your blood for only a half hour before hiding in liver cells.
They know that he is hiding somewhere along a street of ten blocks, with ten houses on each block.
The fingertips can offer safe harbor to bacteria for up to an hour, but they are hardly the best hiding places.
Any object that casts shade upon their skin could reduce its glow and indicate a potential hiding place.
Clouds then pour in on top of it, hiding it from view.
The next time the badger got hungry, the bird led the honey badger to a bush, and a lion was hiding behind it.
Dragging a mobile piece of the environment and hiding under it.
Every now and again the wind patterns change, and white ammonia ice forms above the belt, hiding it.
Seeking a hiding place, the night seals us together.
He was instrumental in several arrests, including that of a suspected burglar he discovered hiding at the top of a tree.
The long beams of their flashlights intermittently revealed the faces of children, hiding behind corners, watching the spectacle.
He thinks of hiding it, then decides to step outside into the snowstorm, and throw it into the farmer's field.
We further recommend that you turn dock hiding on to get the maximum screen capacity for the application.
There appears to be growing concern about it, and there is no point hiding it.
In tough times, the virtues that inspire us are old-fashioned, unglamorous and hiding in plain sight.
Over the next few months the rest of the organization went into hiding.
Since bed bugs are only about the width of a credit card, they can squeeze into really small hiding spots.
Also it can be extremely difficult and tiresome to make sure you've gotten all there hiding places.
No more hiding legislative language from the minority party, opponents, and the public.
Short, cropped lawns and other organized landscaping with no hiding places will not attract these types of animals in abundance.
These threats prompted some individuals to go into hiding.
These adjustments include: hiding the toolbars, reducing the font size, and hiding the task bar.
They may retreat to a hiding place or, if pushed, they may react aggressively.
Most people are surprised to discover the variety of coins hiding in their home's forgotten nooks.
Move stored materials and furniture to uncover any hiding places.
Toads are active at night, coming out of their hiding places in search of food.
They will carefully inspect all places where bed bugs may hide and use an approved insect spray in cracks and other hiding places.

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