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Unless the hiring committee hides in the bushes at the edge of campus, they will not see your husband whatsoever.
It is a danger that lurks and hides in the sources and fountains of power in every state.
Then there were fewer buyers, especially representatives of slaughterhouses that exported cow hides and meat.
These attributes make them vulnerable to hunters seeking their hides, oil, and bones.
But beneath that veneer of familiarity hides a radical rethinking of the way engineers do business.
The dryness of the term hides its huge importance to our ordinary life.
The virus would never be eliminated because it hides in the cell, where the immune system can't get to it.
It hides in a cloud of sugar-carbohydrates-and it has only a few open spaces on its surface that are not covered in sugar.
The band hides a ring of six electrodes that pick up the weak electrical signals produced by active muscle tissue.
Encryption hides a message the way an armored car hides money.
The program's clean interface hides a wealth of functionality.
The heady mood hides a flaw in this scheme to take the euro crisis hostage.
But the protection offered by a cradle-to-grave welfare system hides a dark underside.
My original point is that sound money exposes problems that inflation hides.
The ideology of democracy hides its lack of substance.
It hardly hides the real goods, which are there for the taking.
In the activities of an outwardly serious nature hides an element of play.
Not only a public health measure, but it hides the snot.
Unfortunately, it hides what is actually being changed.
But the launch hides many disappointments, as well as some significant advantages.
Sure, they look silly, but my long hair hides them well.
Recently you've been tanning animal hides and now you're building your own outhouse.
The chests were sealed with pitch, sewn into gunny or hides and sent for trading or to market.
The power retractable top hides in a receptacle behind the rear seat, which sacrifices leg room.
Poor quality loose grain hides are a continuing problem to the tanning industry.
The hides are received either salt cured or brine cured, and are trimmed and soaked usually overnight.
Animal hides and skins are the highest value co-products of the meat industry.
These hides and skins consist primarily of the protein, collagen, which is processed to make leather and other biomaterials.

Famous quotes containing the word hides

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