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She is incensed that people get horrible illnesses and die hideous, random deaths.
Masks, often grotesque and even hideous, were worn by the healer in order to frighten away the spirit causing the disease or pain.
Making matters worse, I had the world's most hideous boss.
Some of these rejection letters are worse than others, some truly hideous.
The diseases that these vaccines protect our children from are hideous.
It's a hideous double standard.
The works range from almost beautiful to hideous.
Of course, one man's arresting is another's hideous, but this is a matter of how people train their perceptions.
The entire hideous business just gets more surreal every day.
Bending closely over him, I at length drank in the hideous import of his words.
Sounds hideous to me.
Hydrogen is a wasteful, hideous and environmentally destructive source of energy.
What a hideous and short-sighted abomination this is, all for the sake of money and/or being cared for in old-age.
There's nothing worse than a slow camera with hideous shutter lag that makes you miss the shot.
Sure, you have some hideous matter to deliver, when the courtesy of it is so fearful.
As soon as the emotions disappear the morality which ordered it appears hideous.
It is that the light has come in and made crime hideous.
Immediately a hideous uproar is heard to proceed from the shed.
It is hideous to leave them on the arm, merely turning back the hands.
The consequences of that lost bearing can be hideous.
She wants to say them, but she wants to deform them so they won't be heard because they're so hideous.
Then a hideous green monster appeared and threw the realm into chaos.
Maybe it was something so loony, or hideous, or so offensive that words failed.
Lionfish, it turns out, looks hideous but tastes great.
The idea of blood-sucking parasites is hideous enough, but ticks are known carriers of serious, sometimes deadly diseases.
When we'd almost finished, something hideous happened.

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