hidebound in a sentence

Example sentences for hidebound

And a lot of its buyers are hidebound truck guys, suspicious of change or fads.
That's amazing considering how hidebound truck buyers can be.
Perhaps you are using satire to point out how impossibly hidebound is the traditional structure.
The hidebound health-care systems of the rich world may resist new technologies even as poor countries leapfrog ahead.
Professional services, such as law and accountancy, remain hidebound.
But economies were more hidebound then: job markets were less flexible and producers more stymied by regulation.
Others have been dissuaded from applying by hidebound teachers and careers advisers, who deter them from aspiring to such things.
The old model of command and control, with one leader holding all the decision-making power, is considered hidebound.
Yesterday's visionaries and yesterday's hidebound traditionalists have this deficit in common.
Sometimes the conflict partners are so emotionally wounded or ideologically hidebound, that nothing con stop the violence.
Although it has grown over the decades, it remains a place where hidebound ritual reigns.
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