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The trouble is, too many clouds hide where the sun will shine.
The riot police charge, and bystanders hide in their doorways.
Some supermarkets are trying to hide the shortages by spreading bags of dog food along the meat shelves.
In other words, a coconut-carrying octopus may be slow, but it's always got somewhere to hide.
But you can't hide much in those file types without it being suspiciously large.
Quite often, a moral higher ground is imagined by those trying to hide inferiority complexes.
Vegetable gardens don't have to hide in the backyard.
The company was able to hide information about such partnerships for years.
They hide behind lists because people's abstractions allow them to share more.
Ratings agencies did not hide their disappointment with the plan, which was watered down at the last minute.
From avian flu to cholera, infectious diseases may not be able to hide for long.
Pipe adjoining dots around base of each layer to hide cardboard.
While you might not be able to hide from a robot that can hear you breathe, out-running it should be pretty easy.
Industrial state companies will no longer be able to hide behind high tariffs and other barriers.
After their deaths, llamas provided hide for leathers and meat for food.
They escape the treatments, they hide out, and then they come back.
They hide from predators by diving beneath the water's surface, where they can stay for up to five minutes.
Master suites luxurious enough to hide out in all weekend.
The bitter truth is that it probably will be much easier for you to get hired if you hide your disability.
As the movie shows, reefs are also a great place to hide.
Tour the galleries and explore interactive carts where you can handle brushes, palettes, bison hide and bottle caps.
The full professors would hide their desserts on their laps and nibble at them furtively.
Only despotic leaders and unprofessional hacks should have something to hide from those they supposedly serve.
The elusive creature tends to hide during the day, emerging at night to feed.
The new versions, to be installed this summer, are harder for would-be attackers to hide behind.
As plants grow, they'll tumble over and hide the rocks.
Remember, if you have nothing to hide and want people to think you have nothing to hide then hide nothing.
Many people imagine they can hide from the hidden persuaders.
Hide enough weight inside the smaller one so that its weight is identical to that of the larger object.
Roomy cabinets hide appliances, while tea and coffee provisions are stored in a long, narrow built-in above the counter.
Maybe you'll mangle his paper clips, leave a book open on the wrong page, or hide his basket of artificial petunias.
Chameleons change their skin color to hide and to communicate.
They hide where food comes from and spare diners from the realities of food prep.
Pick off dried-up buds and flowers, spots where budworms may hide.
When danger appears, the tiny octopus always has a place to hide.
Some fish come to hide from predators, others to feed off organisms that have made the platforms home.
Clusters of small, bright yellow flowers nearly hide the spiny branches in spring.
They blend in well with their forest setting and hide easily in cracks.
The floors throughout are the original oak, sanded and stained a dark chocolate brown to hide their imperfections.
Now that flat screens are so popular, the question is how to hide these wall-mounted units when they're not in use.
Experienced travelers can talk for hours about where and how they hide their valuables.
The kids and the chickens enjoyed sitting under the arbor to cool off on our rare sunny day, or to hide out during the rain.
Alligator poachers have been known to hide in the bends of mangrove trees while on the hunt.
Zookeepers hide food in these items, requiring the animals to forage for their meals as they would in the wild.
Other than that, there's not some secret place that writing groups hide.
Such brushes with the law have convinced him to hide his research: he now keeps his data hidden in several locations around town.
When it comes to solar storms, there's no longer any place to hide.
Cooked books can only hide the sordid facts for so long.
The writers of the malware want to hide what they are really doing.
Computer crime laws and zealous prosecutors too often conspire to hide security flaws that put your data at risk.
But things change when there is evidence of criminal activity and of efforts to hide it.
We hide whole lives in the gaps between these forked tongues.
The next project is to cut holes in the table to hide the tubes.
Crab spiders can scuttle, but apparently they can't hide.
Constant volume may hide the variable importance of what was said.
So each time this happened, she learned to hide better.
Sometimes the games' names don't even bother to hide where the original idea came from.
Above all, you want to help people, and there is nowhere that they can hide in the long run.
Hardly the actions of people who are trying to hide a bad paper behind a flashy press release.
People do ugly things trying to hide their cables and cords.
Always put your best foot forward on any job interview but don't hide who you are.
When they sense danger, octopuses shoot out ink to darken the water and hide themselves.
Otherwise, the public may conclude there is something to hide.
When an animal dies, hide collectors remove the skin, leaving the rest for the birds.
Too often students feel as though they must hide their attendance at such events from everyone in their department.
Two independent teams have developed silicon-based materials that can hide microscopic objects.
Sometimes, though, these incremental updates hide some genuinely big changes.
They think that graduate school is a good place to hide from the recession.
Eyes can guide the falcon to dinner or help the mouse see a perfect place to hide.
The common octopus can change its appearance to hide from predators-and prey.
Before students arrive for school, hide the flowers around the room.
We would wash up underneath, and the barnacles would take the hide off of our bodies.
They and thousands of other fish species depend on coral reefs for food and places to hide.
Mites can hide anywhere in the house because they are so small.
Corals under temperature stress blanch, expelling symbiotic algae that hide the white skeletons below them.
Profitable business operations may hide activities that add no benefit to the bottom line.
When you've got a target on your back, you can run and hide-or you can commission a study.
The full-time faculty unions of the present and future can no longer hide from these trends.
Of course you know about the ones who are open about it--but there are lots of ways to hide it.
It literally gives me a headache and makes me want to hide my head under the covers.
About half of the paper was literally the same text, and the presenter didn't even try to hide it.
Hide the rock under your desk at the end of the day.
Another way is through magical transformation, perhaps by drinking the blood of a bear, or by covering oneself in a bear's hide.
By the end of three semesters he was trying less to hide the fact that he was content.
But a great hide-out for the student who wanted to academically slip by with minimal effort.
But there is no way to hide lack of learning in manufacturing.
Still, the animal has a choice: he can ignore all this rustling and go about his business, or he can run and hide.
Birds seem to have carried their color perception from their dinosaur past, and this implies the hide-and-seek of prey v predator.
No wonder casinos hand out free cigarettes and hide the clocks.
Build the horizontal tunnels for a main building could help to hide in.
Some learn to hide it as a way of winning parents' approval or avoiding the wrath of their peers.
And the east see thy morn hide the beams of her star.
Hide not the truth from your confessor, your doctor or your lawyer.
He left her, and she went to hide her blushes in the recesses of the woods.
Have the seeker wait outside the hotel room while the other members of the family hide in places around the room.
The animals are killed for their meat, hide, tusks and other body parts.
It controls the color, pattern and even texture of its skin for camouflage to hide itself in its sandy or rocky surroundings.
Music is the sole world where you can go to feel, heal or hide.
It's a complicated, messy piece of anatomy, with sinew and hide hanging off one end.
When a helicopter would fly over, they would point their guns at us and tell us to hide in the bushes.
Meerkats dig safe places called bolt-holes throughout their foraging area, where they can hide in an emergency.
The answer is as different as the people who hide them.
Smallpox could be eradicated because its virus, lacking ability to reside virtually anywhere other than in humans, couldn't hide.
Leopard seals hide under the ice edge when they hunt.
They are skilled hunters that hide under overhanging ice to surprise their favorite food-penguins.
Tiring of this hide-and-seek, the bird became silent.
They hide leftover meat under leaves or tree branches.
Bugs hide in plain sight fl e spiky-headed katydid blends into the green of the leaves.
It also has an instinct to hide to stay safe from predators.
The photographs were taken by a camera in a hide and triggered remotely.
Autism seems to play a genetically inspired hide-and-seek game in some families.
Cubes of buttery croissants suspended in a rich custard hide a layer of caramelized apples scented with cinnamon.
He was quick enough to hide it by covering it with a corner of the napkin and by serving a piece from the other side.
Unlike cramped kitchens, spacious ones often hide their disadvantages even from their owners.
They had to, to hide the inferiority of their meats.
It nests close to the ground, so it needs foliage- such as raspberry and blackberry patches- to hide in and hunt insects from.
Some of the great mysteries of science hide in plain sight-and, in this case, roll on two wheels.
They were able to hide a one-inch bump using the new cloak.
She had sustained no injuries to her brain, skull, or spine where latent infection might hide.
Trying to observe near the sun is difficult, but a planet is not exactly an easy thing to hide.
It does hide some information by the nature of its aggregation of patterns.
In these remaining fragments of forests, tropical organisms could hide and wait out the ice ages.
So there is no question they are trying to hide something.
Since they could not get us to voluntarily buy this stuff, they had to hide it, all the while insisting on it's safety.
Seahorses, on the other hand, tend to hide out and wait for the prey to come to them.
Unlike smallpox, plague may never be eradicated, because it can hide in animal reservoirs.
Today's lungfish, when their ponds disappear, dig a burrow with their teeth and hide in it until the next rain.
For those who are propertyless, it is a good place to hide.
Fame enhances the desire to hide feelings of deficiency.
It enhanced the family tendency to hide many things.
The president is determined to hide certain government actions from its citizens.
With credit default swaps, you hide your leveraged bond position from regulators and investor.
It is lit, but the immigrants hide in the shadows, waiting for a gap in the traffic.
Many who in past times would have been open and honest about their anti-Semitism, now try to hide the truth even from themselves.
When you're living with your parents, it's a lot easier to close your browser in a hurry than to hide a stash of magazines.
It seems to imply that geneticists have something to hide.
Bull markets can hide the downside of leverage for years.
And when you're not fluent in a language, you can hide behind your ignorance.
It can't hide his woes, which have spilled over to the domestic political arena.
He had the bar code tattooed over it in an attempt to hide it.
Nearby, mud-brick battlements hide the encampments of rebellious tribal sheikhs, some with their own artillery pieces.
About half the residents were able to flee or hide during the confusion before the uprising was finally put down.
Sometimes preference panels hide where you don't expect them.
One of cancer's cleverest tricks is its ability to hide from the immune system.
Such languages have been refined over the years to hide the complexities of shuffling information in and out of large databases.
The scientists are creating the authoritative but flimsy excuses to hide these structures as anything but impact structures.
The robot doesn't has anything to hide, whereas people do.
Thou shalt not look in dusty corners where unknown answers hide.
Don't hide the upfront capital cost in use it or lose it or overuse it and pay much more pricing schemes.
They have famously been used to create invisibility cloaks that hide objects from view.
Apparently, the thieves didn't bother to hide the information they were stealing.
Don't try to hide the fossil fuel industries behind civilization.
If your main motive is how much money you can make, there are things that you can hide and the rod can still go out the door.
The result is complex poetry: songs that simultaneously broadcast and hide their meaning.
She'd have an overwhelming urge to cover her face with her hands, to turn away from the camera, to hide.
More landfill or more concrete is packed around the edges to hide the ugly scene.
Potholes so deep you could hide a pony in them, hiding.
Most of the time, the overworked images hide that which is lacking.
There would be a huge conspiracy to hide from him anything that happened in the past two hundred and eleven years.
There are three basic stages that take a cow's hide from the cow to your sofa: tanning, dying and finishing.
We are not disposed to hide what light there is under a bushel.
When you play hide and seek with a four-year-old, you have to hide the object right under his nose.
Your stubbornness will not hide your criminal activity from the investigation.
In fact they have usually tried to hide those beliefs, or change the conversation when the subject arose.
He has a deceptive delivery that allows him to hide the ball from batters until almost the moment he releases it.
But if you dare, you can have your run of the place and play hide-and-seek.
And they can hide behind their excessive fondness for dogs.
Other adults are incomprehensible beings who hide in offices all day, performing secret tasks.
It's basically a place for skanks to hide in plain sight.
The resulting photo album of the star who flaunts what others choose to hide is certainly unprecedented.
When one of them raised the alarm, he tried to hide in their wardrobe.
But in those days you didn't really have to hide so much.

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