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Example sentences for hiccup

The music continues without a hiccup for three hours.
There's a logical hiccup here that may conceal a prejudice.
We descendants of these animals were left with vestiges of their history, including the hiccup.
Their conclusion is that the oscillations ought to be visible with today's solar observatories as a kind of solar hiccup.
Pandora streaming worked without a hiccup and showed all our previously set channel selections.
There was one hiccup, as the contest came to a close.
So rotten, in fact, that a mere seismic hiccup is all it would take to unleash an avalanche of mud on the homes below.
It did not, however, take steps to offset the impact of the financial hiccup on growth expectations.
He thinks the current hiccup is largely due to temporary factors.
Rather, it gives warning of an awkward hiccup in the public finances for a few years after the debt is paid off.
Knight was talked to several times on the sidelines and we're going to call it a rookie hiccup.
In general, this strategy worked well, with one hiccup.

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The system was breaking down. The one who had wandered alone past so many happenings and events began to feel, backing u... more
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