hey in a sentence

Example sentences for hey

The game was to set these as low as possible and, hey presto, to beat them.
Hey guys that is really cool you got to see a volcano.
Hey, if it's not there, throw it away and play another day.
Gee, hey, gee it's a gas to try to solve such a conundrum.
Hey, blond hair and blue eyes are recessive as are red hair and green eyes.
But hey, let's keep dreaming of a green world and put our shoulders under the anti-global-warming movement.
Hey, laxatives worked for the guys on my high school's wrestling team.
Of course rail car shipping is more expensive and certainly has more emissions than by pipeline but what the hey.
Hey solar, you paint a real pretty picture at the end of your last comment.
But hey, with the genome sequenced it'll be that much easier to make lab grown meat.
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