hexagonal in a sentence

Example sentences for hexagonal

The ceiling is coated with sparkling hexagonal ice crystals.
Imagine seven towers arranged in a hexagonal pattern,with the seventh at the centre.
Try comparing square designs to triangular or hexagonal designs.
The water molecules in ice are locked into a hexagonal crystal and do not move freely.
The rocks, hexagonal columns of basalt, formed millions of years ago from volcanoes in the area.
Six fingers, with three-joints each, extend from a hexagonal palm.
Neither for that matter are hexagonal or pyramid-shaped ones.
To form diamond, the hexagonal rings in graphite first have to deform.
There are essentially two ways a hexagonal ring can warp.
However, this slab is punctured by a hexagonal array of holes that correspond to the position of the polystyrene beads.
He uses imprint lithography, essentially stamping a hexagonal array of lenses into a liquid polymer.
The little hexagonal modules that make up the flying drone are completely self-sufficient.
Everyone then takes a hexagonal game piece and covers that space.
The building, which lies outside the center of town, was constructed as a private hunting lodge and has a hexagonal baroque tower.
Nine of the accommodations are hexagonal cabanas with two rooms each, opening onto the pool.
Soon after he arrived he invented an extremely clever game that was played with markers on hexagonal bathroom tiles.
Bolt heads and nuts may be either square, hexagonal, or heavy hexagonal style.
Even though many of the columns are not hexagonal, they have an overall hexagonal symmetry.
Crystal structure of holmium, hexagonal close-packed.
Select a square or hexagonal grid and choose a pattern and background color, then watch what happens as you draw.
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