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It is surely more a function of lifelong habits both nutritional and physical hewn over decades.
The result is this beautifully minimal amplifier hewn from aluminum.
It looked pretty rough hewn and funky, but he gave it to a few incredulous friends to try.
Big enough for the family, subtle yet powerful and almost hewn from an ingot of steel.
Shelves had been hewn from the walls, and there was even a second floor, perhaps a bedroom.
The words traded in these tribes were a hand-hewn and uncommon currency.
Rough hewn and unruly, they find a new understanding of days and years spent making a living on the uneven surface of the sea.
Lamp posts and low fences of hewn, unpainted timber blend with the background.
Rough-hewn and curvilinear, the building is meant to resemble the walls of a canyon.
He has found a rare rock-hewn cross marking out the route.
It is set to nine old songs, which have the rough-hewn quality of folk music.
At the brow of the hill is a rough-hewn standing stone, a cross cut into its face.
The family gathers around the fire and talks, trading stories while sitting on hewn-timber benches.
Rays of sunlight filter through a grated window, casting a honeyed glow on the room's curved, rough-hewn walls and high ceiling.
More rough-hewn landscapes breed a correspondingly unfussy approach to a cowboy's work and dress.
Juana rushed out the rough-hewn wooden door and climbed to higher ground.
Up a hand-hewn ladder is the roof, a flat mud surface with the atrium cut from the middle.
One had to be content with the four rough-hewn sides of stone and an ugly stone gibbet, mean and bare, at the side of it.
They were instead marched to a weed-filled zone nearly a block away whose seating consisted of rough-hewn, backless benches.
The exteriors are constructed of rough-hewn logs and native stone.
Rough-hewn wooden pillars, antique light fixtures and custom ironwork create warm surroundings.
Both cabins include wraparound porches made of hewn logs and an inventive use of wood and stone inside.
Lodging includes single rooms and suites, along with log-hewn cabins accessorized with rustic furniture.
Some of the temples are free-standing, hewn completely out of the surrounding rock faces.
Craftsmen, the band's music feels hand hewn, gently sanded into delicate shapes.
Cabin walls are made of rough-hewn logs and have a native stone fireplace.
All rooms have a rustic ambiance thanks to wood paneling, furniture hewn from logs and in-room fireplaces.
On the beach are a handful of hand-hewn stone tables where guests can enjoy their meals beneath the stars.
Most of the buildings being nominated here are of hewn logs, although a few are constructed of round logs.
The structure was originally a one-story hewn log cabin.
Note the dovetail notched corners of the logs, and that the logs were hewn to make them flat and improve the fit between logs.
Early construction methods are evidenced by hand hewn logs notched and pegged together to form the framework.
The detailed busts are surrounded by rough-hewn marble at the top of the sculpture.
But they cannot see the time it took to turn rough-hewn logs and sediment into a sophisticated conservation plan.
The high stockade, built entirely of hand-hewn redwood timber, looks particularly formidable.
The detached kitchen, older than the main house and constructed of hand-hewn oak logs, remains as well.
The hand-hewn timbers serve as both structural framing and decorative woodwork.
The walls are constructed of hand-hewn logs with mortise and tenon joints with filling between the logs.
All the logs were hand-hewn to consistent dimensions.
Hand-hewn and pegged beams are part of the sturdy construction.
Hewn granite also forms a retaining wall around the main section of the square and was paid for with federal grants.
The house's heavy timbers were hand-sawed from trees that grew on the site and were put together with hand-hewn wooden pegs.
Grave markings were somewhat haphazard, from stone piles to rough-hewn crosses and wooden headboards.
Near the house stands a barn that is built of hand-hewn logs and probably contemporary with the house.
The barn has hand-hewn framing members and the rear overhang of the upper level is supported on full tree trunks.
Its mixture of textures includes some sections of rough-hewn stone, and others of hand-polished or flame-polished stone.
The farm complex also includes a barn and an interesting corn crib, both constructed of hand-hewn timbers.
It is one of the region's oldest surviving examples of a smokehouse with hewn log planks and fully dovetailed construction.
The hewn frame uses mortise-and-tenon joints and the siding is attached with hand-wrought nails.
The cabin is made of sturdy oak logs hand hewn to fit snugly and chinked to keep out the cold.
Evidence suggests that the hand hewn logs used to construct this building were originally part of an earlier structure.

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