heuristic in a sentence

Example sentences for heuristic

This bias is called the availability heuristic.
Every metaphor that scientists invent has a heuristic value.
This process isn't neccessarily transparent to support a claim that it's purely heuristic.
All these models have a bit of heuristic handwaving and quantum prestidigitation regarding the details of how a big bang happens.
The general heuristic is to only invest in the housing market if you plan on staying there for at least 5 years.
Within conservation biology they are a useful but essentially heuristic notion.
We mentally compare the additional cost to the pegged cost of the car, which is a fallacious heuristic.
So he may decide to take a heuristic approach, and explore his own consciousness.
It was found that the majority of students were influenced by the representativeness heuristic.
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