hesitating in a sentence

Example sentences for hesitating

Looking up toward the ceiling, he darted into a back hallway before hesitating.
After hesitating a moment, he let the entire crowd into the lobby.
The composer seemed to be hesitating at a fork in the road, between hyper-complexity and a kind of minimalist purity.
One reason why the army is hesitating is that it knows resistance would greet any move into the red-shirt camp.
Without looking back or hesitating for an instant, the couple head straight for a stage exit door and simply disappear.
Stylish gifts that raise money for charity are a two-in-one motivator if the holidays have you hesitating.
The automatic transmission should shift smoothly without jerking, slipping or hesitating.
If you are struggling with individual words as you read, hesitating and stopping your understanding of what you read will suffer.
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