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Example sentences for hesitant

Officials have been hesitant to publicly endorse such a drastic change.
Many departments will offer these details automatically, but if they don't, you shouldn't be hesitant about asking.
But some of his leading colleagues are more hesitant.
Watch a bit more, and the hesitant flicks and sags of their antennae seem to convey some kind of emotion.
It can guzzle bandwidth and carriers have been hesitant to support the applications.
Rous was cautious, hesitant to claim that the microbe causing cancer in chickens was a virus.
Federal prosecutors have now cast politicians' hesitant talk of war in legal form.
He was hesitant about how well his team could serve personalized results that weren't paltry.
The university foundation has been hesitant to turn over information about overseas alumni.
Marine researchers are hesitant to say the world's oceans are sicker than usual.
Most school districts are hesitant to hire a teacher with no teaching experience and advanced degrees.
The euro zone's actions have been hesitant and haphazard.
By the end of the appointment, she was a little friendlier, but was always a little hesitant.
That's one reason why manufacturers and providers are hesitant to invest marketing dollars on the younger set.
But today his government still seems hesitant to do so.
He can be hesitant around new things, and new people and new dogs put him in an aggressive mode.
Owners of newer, more expensive handsets have been hesitant to make the switch.
But so far the response has been slow, hesitant and contradictory.
Presuming he's hesitant to switch horses midstream, your pal should offer to make his project worth your while.
After a hesitant start, combat troops contained sporadic rioting, including pitched battles between red shirts and residents.
With higher interest rates, consumers will be even less willing to borrow and firms even more hesitant to invest.
Beginning by standing with her back to the audience, she looked remote and hesitant.
Affable, self-effacing and articulate, he is not hesitant about appearing.
Natives and summer residents of this island are hesitant to embrace any signs of pomp.
Even at this point he may be hesitant because of your age.
We were hesitant about repeating those comments here.
Most drivers are hesitant, for the time being, to buy electric vehicles for a number of reasons.
As he was answering the last few letters, he heard a hesitant knock at the door.
We have been hesitant to apply these lessons to adults.
We have grown self-conscious and hesitant about our ambitions and our place in the world.
But they are the preferred way to get hesitant capital in motion without making full financial commitments with tax dollars.
From the beginning some consumers have consistently been hesitant to drink milk from cows treated with artificial hormones.
Average consumers have seen a large part of their wealth evaporate and, quite naturally, are hesitant to make big purchases.
But it is expensive, and it takes only hesitant steps in the crucial direction of cost control.
Understandably, utilities are hesitant to make big bets on products that could soon be obsolete.
Governors, who must review every capital conviction, are also becoming hesitant.
The family talked about sending her to college, but everyone was hesitant.
Americans remain hesitant to spend money because of job losses, flat wages, tight credit and high debt.
He is hesitant to dunk for fear of reinjuring the thumb and missing the season.
Ryan often displayed happy feet in the pocket and often looked hesitant to throw downfield.
He was hesitant and cautious on throws that were clearly defined.
Occasionally there were hesitant moments of ensemble and shaky entrances.
The brand has been less hesitant to tweak packaging.
Yet her pledge of boldness reflects her well-known desire to disprove the notion that she is hesitant or calculating.
Despite many successful projects, some public agencies and contractors have been hesitant to use concrete overlays.
They are hesitant to invest marketing funds in this way, obviously.
She was hesitant at first, but once she held the snake, she was hooked.

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