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Before long, she had made a name for herself-literally-taking the first two letters of her three given names.
He sprints over to the hawk as she thrashes, thoroughly trussing herself, and carefully extracts her.
Still, she was not ready to declare herself a singer.
She turned around and found herself staring into the eyes of a mountain lion.
She struggles to free herself, but every movement drags her deeper.
Nova sang softly to herself and then someone brought out a guitar.
Never does she give herself over to a vocal so thoroughly that she becomes it.
So it is herself she is thinking of, not of any children.
Sally, in contrast, had never done any serious climbing and did not consider herself a mountaineer.
In a panic, she managed to knock out the crocodile and free herself.
Overcome by anxiety and dread, she excused herself from the dinner table and escaped to the bathroom.
The author herself was caught in an explosion and burnt.
Most likely, if she could not eventually come up with the answer herself, she would have asked a friend or family member for help.
Of course, it is really good now that she has learned to lie herself.
It was one that turned her taking care of herself into an act of rebellion against the school.
If you believe that it matters one wit what one economist or another calls him- or herself, you are fairly deluded.
Wanda then picked up a small twig, perched herself on a sapling branch, and poked her stick in a downward direction.
Ah, but she made it herself, especially for you you can't break her heart.
In the boyish figure she yearned to see something half forgotten that had once been a part of herself re-created.
She took off the wraps with which she had covered her shoulders, before the mirror, so as to see herself once more in her glory.
The wedding festivities were no sooner over than the stepmother began to show herself in her true colours.
Unfortunately she is less strong when she turns her gaze back at herself.
But it was also because she never thought herself important or worth attention.
The foundations for the optimism she herself professes seem flimsy.
She thought any comparison of herself with him was ridiculous.
Visibly star-struck, she ignored the crowd and addressed herself to the president, who was sitting nearby.
Dorothy is too distraught to attend the ceremony herself.
Michelle, meanwhile, found herself married to another historian.
Remember my student, who couldn't even write a paper by herself.
But she may need to broaden her description of her interests if she finds herself applying mainly for nonacademic positions.
When she recovered herself, she thanked me profusely.
Before the harness, walks were a bit of a nightmare, as the puppy was perfectly content to pull herself hoarse against her collar.
Amy was able to completely invest herself in this character.
Wasn't she, herself, a smart mouth when she was her age.
She searched for bedbugs herself to confirm that apartments were suitable.
Curie reacted to the sorry affair by throwing herself into her work.
Price remembers so much about herself because she thinks about herself-and her past-almost constantly.
She likes being able to build the castles herself and to make her own shapes.
It was devised and agreed to by many of the campaign's top staffers, and the candidate herself signed off on it.
She has a wealth of aunts and perhaps considers herself a little above her husband's family.
Because to be true to herself means also to be true to us, her audience and her enablers.
Emanuel's lawyers did not ask her to recuse herself nor will she apparently do so on her own.
Shell herself admitted that after researching the article, she decided to make certain changes to her diet.
At home now, she makes herself a pot of coffee and sits down in the living room, cradling her cup.
It was so easy to palpate, he continued, that he asked the patient if she had felt it herself.
She learns that she actually can't free herself entirely from everything that's been.
The simplest way of discerning the strongest males is to test their strength for herself.
Truth herself could not get a fair trial in such a clearly biased setting.
In the whole year and a half that she had been working she had not bought herself a single new piece of clothing.
Now she examined herself in the small round mirror she'd pulled from her purse, grimacing.
She would have liked to teach history, but being herself a footnote to history rendered that unwise.
Her biggest musical influence, you could say, is herself.
But in this new memoir, one of those echoes is the author herself.
Digitization makes possible a world in which anyone can claim to be a publisher and anyone can call him- or herself an author.
Lately she's marketed herself as an oracle of femininity.
She offers herself physically but without any indication that she is interested in the act from a personal perspective.
Every year or so she found herself in a brush with the law for practicing her profession.
She herself had kept the look alive for more than five decades.
She tried a scissors kick and found herself fighting the coat.
Even if she herself weren't well, it might help her to feel she could do something for someone else.
She killed herself with an overdose of prescribed pills two years after our divorce.
And neither has spent a day waiting tables to support herself before the acting jobs started rolling in.
One of my friends has her learner's permit and is driving herself places without an adult in the car.
But they admired her pluck and willingness to put herself on the line.
She began to place blame on herself, breaking down crying, feeling that there was something wrong with her.
But she kept these fears to herself and tried to cope.

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