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In my view, juxtaposing these two choices is a red herring.
Goldman's barramundi need only a half pound, the bulk of which is made from scraps from a herring processing plant.
The who-wrote-what question is, however, a red herring.
The tonnage bounties given to the white-herring and whale-fisheries may, perhaps, be considered as somewhat of this nature.
Sure, there are many other competing priorities as well, but this one is the great red herring.
Another red herring, maybe not even a herring, maybe a red minnow.
Patterson above waves a red herring: no one suggested canceling the sporting event and using the money for academics.
The question of for-profit or not-for-profit is a red herring.
Or maybe a giant bowl of spaghetti speckled with chunks of tomatoes and herring.
Nobody told me that lox lived a double life as smoked salmon, or that herring could ever be kippered.
Consider the flightless fluffs of brown otherwise known as herring gull chicks.
Copepods make essential lunch for herring, cod and mackerel.
The number of salmon and herring eggs destroyed was put in the billions.
Southern is a spring breakfast of herring with its roe.
The efficiency of photosynthesis is a bit of a red herring.
Of course, the building of the snowman was a red herring.
They are also an important food source for herring, salmon, whales and seabirds.
All else is irrelevant and a red herring at the level of discussion presented by the writer.
It is a red-herring to ask for the time and place where a new species was born.
Canned, smoked herring lends this blini extra flavor.
The endangered mammals actually herd herring with a ring of bubbles, trapping them.
Call is higher pitched than corresponding call of the herring gull.
The specialty is local seafood, from various oysters to grilled herring and tartare of butter clam.
Fish is also a staple, with varieties such as salmon, whitefish and herring.
Live herring is the preferred bait, although spoons or crank baits that resemble herring are almost as effective.
Still, many physicists pointed out it could yet prove to be a red herring.
As for the amnesty, it has become what some would call a red herring.
Tempting as it is to gawp at the sky-high tuition fees, price can be a red herring.
Government sources say that it is a bit of a red herring to draw a contrast between binding and consultative votes.
The debate about affirmative action is arguably a red herring.
There are plenty of other questionable areas of privacy, but this one is a red herring.
The question of the effectiveness of torture is a red herring.
The point is that the bacterial prey-killing story has been a red-herring.
Arguing over some journalist's choice of headline is a bizarre and possibly destructive red herring.
Bringing determinism into discussions of free will is a red herring.
Complexity is a red herring that has nothing to do with evolution.
Unlike other baleen whales, humpbacks feed heavily on small fish such as herring and sardines.
Two more divers arrive and glide into the middle of the circle, carrying with them long white drums full of dead herring.
The education v research argument is a red herring.
If he was wrong, then you bringing him up on this point is a red herring.
Deism is a red herring that comes up because people talk past one another.
Any other definition is a red-herring not worthy of the people who parrot it.
So that formulation of the question is a red herring.
Information about the river herring monitoring program.
Amended regulations announced for tautog, river herring.

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Have caviar if you like, but it tastes like herring to me.... more
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