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The subject of her essay has chosen to live as a hermit, separated from the world for spiritual purposes.
He signed his literary works into the public domain and left his family to live out his final days as a hermit.
Unlike hermit crabs that live inside their body armor, the veined octopus only uses its armor when it senses danger.
It was an attempt to live by himself and to himself, in fact, to turn modern hermit.
The new aquarium will also contain a touch-tide pool, where children can pick up hermit crabs and starfish.
Probably the reason why hermit monks tend to be happier than the rest of us.
Some anemones piggyback on the shells of hermit crabs.
Hermit crabs are always on the lookout for new accommodations.
Over the years we've pulled this book out for reference when making homes for ants, crickets, tadpoles and hermit crabs.
Only the hermit crab has been cheap: food, water and an occasional cage cleaning.
After a thousand years of solitude, the hermit kingdom is trekking over steep ground to reach the modern world.
The taste was malty and slightly sweet and spicy, reminding me a bit of a hermit cookie.
If you want to be a hermit and surround yourself in silence, then stay home.
The house being built for a hermit has enough space to entertain a large posse.
Frankly, such jobs simply don't exist unless you're planning to become a hermit.
Several years ago his eyesight failed him, and he lived almost as a hermit.
Mew calls can be confused with calls of the hermit thrush or the spotted and green-tailed towhees.
Time to revise the image of the hermit, clinging to a crag in solitary bliss.
He was not intending to be a hermit, though he valued solitude and wrote movingly about it.
The out-of-service lighthouse offshore shelters a hermit.
There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear.
The leader of the hermit kingdom began to emerge from his shell earlier this year in a diplomatic charm offensive.
In their bleaker moments, it seems to some of them that the only real solution is to seek the solitude of the hermit.
As is often the case with the hermit kingdom's awkward attempts to creep out of its shell, the remarks were made in a bizarre way.
The woods nearby ring with the songs of the hermit thrush, myriad warblers, and winter wrens.
Many invertebrates, such as hermit crabs, shelter in shells but they do so permanently.
He got a reputation for being a hermit, and he was no hermit.
Beery is sociable at times, but there is a hermit streak in him.
It takes grit to transform oneself from a hairy, alcoholic, cupcake-pajama-wearing hermit into eco-Barbie.
In the midst of a great city, he led for some years almost the life of a hermit.
The hermit-thrushes meant nothing to him, the trees and the flowers and the cliffs everything.
Hermit crabs, starfish, small fish and even a small octopus have been spotted in the tide pools.
The hermit nation had invited no foreign delegations to attend the funeral, and overseas news media were denied access.
As a result, she has become afraid of joining in with other people and has become somewhat of a hermit.
It's more closely related to the hermit crabs you find in tidepools.
Some species bore into oyster shells or snail shells occupied by hermit crabs.

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