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Example sentences for hermetically

So an expensive hermetically sealed coffin is required if embalming is rejected.
One answer is to use the energy to compress air, which can be squirrelled away in hermetically sealed underground caverns.
Scientists also designed a new hermetically sealed gondola from magnesium alloy.
However, the hermetically sealed box test should have negated that possibility.
These are so fixed that they form a chamber in which liquid can be hermetically sealed.
If you could hermetically seal the entire country and start from scratch, maybe you could reduce gun crime.
On the other hand, you don't live in a hermetically sealed container and pretend things didn't happen.
The first two take place within fantastically absurd, hermetically sealed worlds of the imagination.
In addition, the hermetically sealed metal can had the advantage of direct printing for clearer graphics.
Probably best for her to stay at home in a hermetically sealed environment.
People already enough hermetically sealed in plastic boxes.
Casinos, by design, are hermetically sealed from the outside world.
Amazon's world is hermetically sealed by comparison.
As long as it seals off hermetically the entire society, it appears to be made of stone.
Various brands of condensed milk and cream are on the market in tin cans, hermetically sealed.
Ranged on the shelves were several small bottles of crystal, hermetically stopped.
References to pop culture started pouring into the once hermetically sealed sitcom world.
Picture two steaks on a grocer's shelf, each hermetically sealed in clear plastic wrap.
Construction of a hermetically sealed case for the map has recently started and will continue for the next several months.

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