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Hermetic storage bags are commercially available that when sealed are impervious to gas exchange.
For a country that prides itself on its hermetic seal, it has played a pretty impressive game for the past eight years.
The bureaucracy is both hermetic and insular, slow-moving in its bulk, at times heavy-handed in its armour.
Protecting neighborhoods does not require hermetic seals but support by the population.
The thruster was also sealed into a hermetic enclosure to eliminate buoyancy effects of the cooling air.
The hermetic critical vocabulary of formalist art criticism is being dusted off and applied to the medium.
He engaged in hermetic semaphoric gesturing with his arms and stepped from a chair as if into a void.
The poems he brought back are filled with ancient wonder and strangeness, hermetic wisdom, a dizzying sense of the sacred.
Colleges cannot and should not provide a hermetic environment for students.
Its images and emotions are memorable and vivid, but its intentions often feel stubbornly hermetic.
But its size and hermetic atmosphere are ideal for concentrated displays of books and manuscripts.
Though much of this is amusing, the atmosphere eventually becomes both esoteric and hermetic.
It is a world you entirely control, it is hermetic and reflects your strange obsessions.
Yet as hermetic and various as life here was in those days, it was by no means uniformly so.
However, there are apparent advantages of plastic packages over hermetic.
Exclude hermetic, deep well submersible, and other rotating equipment.
Reliability issues include poor mechanical strength, inability to perform hermetic seals, and use under high vapor pressure.
It should be noted that this bond must be hermetic to fully encapsulate any contamination.

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Reality, whether approached imaginatively or empirically, remains a surface, hermetic.... more
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