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Characters attempt to escape their Appalachian heritage, only to be drawn back to their agrarian roots.
At least 35 million adults say they plan vacations around cultural or heritage activities.
Part of my heritage is another garlic-obsessed culture.
One of the few remaining signs of their limbed heritage is the presence of vestigial hips imprisoned in the rib cage.
So you cooperate with close kin because it helps get some of your shared genetic heritage into future generations.
Tickle is an important part of our primate heritage.
Our national heritage contains some of the brightest moments in human history, but also a number of moral failures.
It is part of the scar tissue of this nation's heritage.
Visitors can experience this heritage anywhere they happen to venture, whether shore or mountain, small village or city.
What one eats often depends on his or her family heritage.
Local people team up to protect their natural and cultural heritage and encourage responsible tourism.
The collectors say their government cares little about preserving this artistic heritage.
The differences spring from a country's political and economic heritage.
The colonial heritage left deep social scars and inequities.
The dams will silt up eventually and they are destroying their environmental heritage.
Our policy must be based on our national heritage and our national interests.
They are places to explore, discover and appreciate our country's maritime cultural heritage.
Purpose and heritage result in intense bonding with master.
Several tenants said they were taken by the area's heritage, too.
It's all about finding a balance between heritage and hip, poise and playfulness.
Not the structured contests organized by adults, but games of their own choice and heritage.
Heritage pigs and heritage vegetables, those coelacanths of the culinary world, have returned.

Famous quotes containing the word heritage

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