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Example sentences for heresy

They are all guilty of heresy.
They should be pillorying and decrying this article as heresy.
Such ideas have been heresy in the halls of Congress until recently.
He was convicted of plain old-fashioned doctrinal heresy, of which he was plainly guilty.
That might seem like heresy, but maybe it is just thinking outside the box.
Dolly, offended by his heresy but intrigued by his candor, asks to see his work.
Laws of heresy killed people for contradicting the church and its texts.
This is standard practice in the humanities, but a heresy in science.
Thankfully, there was someone brave enough to risk charges of heresy to suggest that the world was not flat.
The former president commits no heresy in this regard.
There are indeed those who consider leaving academia to be somewhere between heresy and lunacy.
It shouldn't be an act of heresy to ask about the trade-offs that come with this revolution.
Yesterdays heresy may be todays great truth, but that doesn't mean all great truths started out as heresy.
And you can tolerate a little bit of heresy, but not a lot.
Many of the heresy trials are part of the canon law collection.
For nearly a thousand years, any attempts to correct or clarify parts of the text were usually branded as heresy.
To geologists, the idea of a sudden, colossal flood was unthinkable heresy.

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