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Here's a health to you and yours who have done such things for us and ours.
Here's something this consumer does want: food safety.
Here's someone who truly makes history come to life.
And here's last month's post on the factors that contribute to the destructiveness of an earthquake.
Here's a guide to the regional specialties that put this palate-pleasing destination on the culinary map.
Here's a little insight to help you understand the root-cause of the problem.
And here's today's bonus video, watch robot flowers come to life.
Here's what to eat, where to shop, and what to do.
Here's how to grow vegetables and fruits in your own backyard garden.
Here's an inventive way to grow squashes and melons in a small space.
Here's the only hitch: the hotel is a little pricey.
Here's a distressing trend for college teachers to face.
If that's the case, here's what you should do with it.
And if you don't, here's hoping you don't get to procreate.
Here's a novel potential public health measure against the flu-kick up the humidity.
So here's the idea you've been patiently waiting for: let's simply say that dog breeds are different species.
They can say, here's work we've done before that worked, here's work that we've done before that didn't work.
Here's what scientists think happened, oh, about a hundred million years ago.
Here's one more paragraph that gives you a sense of where the majority took this case.
Here's the first email from a close friend, alerting me to the quote.
So here's a low-cost plan, even if it won't win envy points at the country club.
Finally, here's a really easy way to visualize the essence of the entanglement argument.
Here's an interesting idea that could explain some of the more puzzling features of our universe.
Here's where it gets interesting: as computers become commodities, their design has the opportunity to transcend function.
Here's a look at eight of the more interesting projects.
But here's the thing: the conventional view of gravity leads to a different equation.
Now here's the key point: this is exactly what happens in the many worlds interpretation.
But here's the thing: primates with bigger brains tended to have a bigger circle of friends.
If you made my honey cake and have some extra honey around, here's a super easy appetizer that works its charms year-round.
Here's the story behind one of our favorite seasonal treats.
But if a prospective science writer is reading this, here's some wisdom from my own experience: go out and do it.
Here's my two cents in reply to the manned missions over the unmanned.
Happy autumnal equinox: here's a year of sunrises was the moment of the autumnal equinox.
Here's the funny thing about literary criticism: it hates its own times, only realizing their worth twenty years later.

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Put on your rubbers and you won't catch cold. Here's hell, there's heaven. Go to Sunday School. Be patient,... more
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