herder in a sentence

Example sentences for herder

Once a herder has insurance, banking becomes much easier.
Each band has a herder, guard dog, horse and sheep wagon.
Add to that the cattle-herder's traditional disdain for hunter-gatherers.
She called the cow herder, who arrived banging the dinner pail.
But as they head to the forest to graze no human herder accompanies them.
The herder reacts instantly, finding shelter nearby for his animals, which later emerge from the storm unscathed.
So a herder placed it on a sled, tying it down to hold it secure.
The herder glides through the middle of the reindeer on his sled as if he were floating.
The herder that stays with the sheep all day every day is quite interesting to watch.
In all cases, after herder had been added, the slicks were thick enough to support ignition.

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