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But many newspapers have a surprisingly large, if dwindling, herd of paying customers.
If you have a shepherd, that shepherd wants to herd.
The lion approached the herd of gazelles slowly while hidden by a large termite mound.
For her doctoral dissertation, she developed a robotic shepherd capable of corralling a herd of twenty robots.
Keep herd sizes large enough to maintain the future health of the herds.
In this connection, it is helpful to refer to an important bit of economic theory about herd behavior.
The water hole is less than a mile away now, and everyone in the herd is looking forward to a good, long drink.
Every alp also has a resident herd of pigs-which generally don't make it into those alpine travel posters.
Waving hats and ropes, the riders whoop and holler as they bring the herd together.
It snapped, allowing the grateful elephant to head off after his herd.
If you emotions are a herd response then guilt is there for the preservation of the herd.
Pigs produce so many piglets that a feral herd can double or even triple within as little as a year.
You'll see elk, deer and cranes, and get so close to a herd of bison that you can practically smell their wooly fur.
We want people to actually do there freaking job instead of pander to the propaganda used to train the herd.
Almost immediately, he says, the herd began moving towards the corral.
Dolphins could be trained to round up and control the herd.
The hyenas walk parallel to the herd with their heads turned toward it.
With no natural predators, herd sizes can double every four years, taxing the land and the animals that share it.
If herd immunity is the goal, then clearly we'd use this vaccine as much as possible.
So wearing the herd of kids out outdoors really isn't much of an option.
First prove yourself as a good researcher and then dare to provide intellectual leadership to the academic herd.
The ability to develop virtual reality beliefs from emotional commitments is typical of human herd development.
Since that cannot be relied upon, it is safer to go with the herd.
The environment was patchy, with a watering hole here and an antelope herd there, but no uniformity or predictability.
But he needs a flair factor to lift him above the herd.
Another is the foot-lifting that many elephants display prior to the arrival of another herd.
Thus if human life is not precious, it can be managed in much the same way as a herd.
One of the head males killed a foal, and the rest of the herd snubbed him somehow.
Plus, maybe this is natures way of thinning the herd.
If you raise livestock and fear herd loss, get a livestock guardian dog.
The world would be much too bland if everyone conformed to the herd mentality.
To our right, another herd moved up the hill toward us.
Herd sizes and incomes on the remaining farms are up.
So my suggestion would be to herd the grad cats, since from my perspective faculty cats are already feral.
The old military regime used to herd peasants forcibly into collectives, with lethal results.
Reunite him with his herd by using your elephant smarts to answer some wild questions.
Besides a herd mentality, there are two good reasons for this.
Thus while the social network herd is still quite small, there is less to fear from a pop.
During the hunt, fishers use boats and loud noises to herd hundreds of dolphins into shallow bays.
Marker set out to find another type of dog that would protect rather than herd the animals.
It seems that herd behaviour is evidence of a lack of information.
The health of the herd defines the well being of the herd.
Inevitably, however, the spectacular herd of wildebeest or whatever was way off on the horizon-and there was no way to get close.
And many a doctor has had to undergo a malpractice suit when a zebra was among the herd of horses.
What do you care how they thin the herd of acceptable-on-paper candidates.
So the remaining monolithic milk-heavy herd is prone to diseases.
After a year in which stocks moved in near-lockstep regardless of individual merit, the herd mentality is crumbling away.
Soon you'll have a whole herd of them scarfing what they think is free corn.
Under his breath, he counts a thin herd of cattle hanging their heads over the weeds.
Herd of deer in the meadow, heads down, grazing peacefully.
The infants are able to keep up with their mothers and the rest of the herd within a few hours.
The endangered mammals actually herd herring with a ring of bubbles, trapping them.
Have students look at this picture of a wildebeest herd with zebras in the foreground.
In the far distance a herd of elephants proceeded at a stately pace toward the water hole.
In the herd's home range, warmer temperatures have spurred more mosquitoes and heavier snowfalls.
The foreman of shepherds examines herd on a pasture with the help of binocular.
More common characteristics such as loyalty, tenaciousness, or the instinct to herd clearly have genetic underpinnings.
For the first few years, the guiding principle of deer management was relatively simple: protect the does so the herd could grow.

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