herculean in a sentence

Example sentences for herculean

Given the difficulty of the conditions under which they had to work, their efforts were herculean.
Perhaps a future follow-up article for this magazine might be how this herculean task was envisioned and completed.
Accomplishing that took more than herculean efforts.
And for me to show up at work and perform takes a herculean effort each day.
The herculean efforts of staff and volunteers have created order in the landscape, and the plants are growing nicely.
Modeling the pinned quanta is certainly a herculean task.
It had been a two-day herculean task to get to the truth.
By dint of their herculean effort, and thanks to favorable river conditions, they managed to pull the huge structure free.
His whole philosophy was a herculean treading upon toes.
We do not attempt what would be a herculean task of testing and comparing everything that is available.
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