herbal tea in a sentence

Example sentences for herbal tea

And then the toddlers can be soothed by a hot drink from the herbal tea bar.
Experience a soothing body wrap while you sip on a mug of herbal tea and breath in the fresh air of the surrounding environment.
Spring water, herbal tea, gourmet coffee and fresh fruit are available in the relaxation area.
Freshly brewed or decaffeinated coffee, tea, herbal tea or hot chocolate.
Vegan ice cream or vegan cheesecake is available for dessert or sip on the sparkling pomegranate apple beverage or herbal tea.
He's already ordered her favorite drink, a hot toddy with herbal tea and strong bourbon.
She goes dancing, and that is her gym, or her herbal tea-that's how she gets out her frustrations.
For too long, driving a green car has been about as exciting as drinking a cup of lukewarm herbal tea.
The scent of a spicy herbal tea can evoke a holiday spirit.
The wise course is to order a pot of sweet mint or herbal tea first thing.
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