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But until this week a key government panel that helps to regulate the accrediting agencies has been absent from the debate.
In many cases, the information in those letters helps families decide where a student will ultimately enroll.
Integration helps colleges, and society generally, as much as it does individuals.
The complex relationship helps reveal the evolutionary pressures that humans and snakes once put on each other.
When closed, the door provides visual privacy, but its translucent panel helps keep an open feel.
Using desert plants in the rest of the landscape helps compensate for the lawn's high water usage.
Steaming is one technique that helps preserve that flavor.
In the open floor plan, the consistent palette helps unify each space.
It also helps for combating colon and prostate cancer and has many other benefits.
It helps if they're pollenless, so they don't shed on your furniture and carpet.
Moderate water helps bloom, but sparing summer water is fine.
It makes the pasta a little rougher, which helps when you roll it out by hand.
When the pie dough goes into the oven, the water turns to steam, which is what helps create layers in your dough.
Bankruptcy helps the undeserving-and that's the way it should be.
It helps you integrate tweeting into your regular workflow, and builds expectations among your followers.
The cooking water helps to bind the sauce to the pasta and helps the cheese to melt and evenly coat the strands.
Inventory technology and off-shoring helps large companies control costs.
The setting helps tremendously in highlighting these issues.
Understanding how those marketing campaigns began helps to explain why branded products are so ubiquitous today.
It also helps to eat better and make healthier food choices.
By featuring our inner demons, rather than the better angels of our nature, humor helps those demons remain inside.
Brain science helps fill the hole left by the atrophy of theology and philosophy.
In doing this, though, inflation helps debtors and spenders at the expense of creditors and savers.
To my mind, that pervasive lightness is one of the novel's virtues and helps conceal some of its flaws.
She helps him settle difficulties having to do with his leaving the world, and he helps her with difficulties in her life.
Layaway is also appealing because it helps people target their savings.
And he recognizes that the novelty of his candidacy helps draw attention.
Medical studies suggest that writing by hand enhances neurological activity, and helps children develop fine motor skills.
As well as giving users the ability to walk, the device also helps them regain their dignity.
The current fashion for raising barriers to the inflows of talented researchers and entrepreneurs hardly helps.
Though it sounds bizarre, mixing water into the fuel helps it to burn better.
Bosses' pay matters because it helps determine who runs industry and helps direct how managers behave in the job.
Auditors say it helps to know their clients' business intimately.
However, our ranking takes data over a three-year period, which helps provide a more rounded picture.
And evidence of barley straw at the site helps confirm that the buildings were, indeed, used to store grain.
The weak pound also helps to make exports more profitable and helps domestic producers competing with imports.
It not only helps people book trips but also owns many of the hotels to which it sends them.
Overall, the brain drain actually helps poor countries.
Technology helps them monitor each other's output, with little need for supervision by a middle manager.
Each guest in taking her plate helps herself to toast and jam and a knife and carries her plate over to her own little table.
It's plain enough, and helps the paradox delightfully.
It is by instruments and helps that the work is done, which are as much wanted for the understanding as for the hand.
The latter element clearly defines, or rather helps to define, statement as contrasted with command.
Our houses ring with laughter and personal and critical gossip, but it helps little.
The food is all put on the dining table and every one helps himself.
We have certain helps which set to the ear do further the hearing greatly.
The totem helps in case of illness and gives the tribe premonitions and warnings.
Whoever uses instruments, in finding helps, finds also impediments.
Rhinos and pigs wallow and coat themselves in mud, which protects them from the sun and helps to keep moisture in their skin.
The fact that the movie is still visually impressive certainly helps.
At the table, each guest is served or helps himself to both fish and soup, placing them in a large soup plate.
Buttermilk's slight acidity helps activate baking soda and make bread rise.
Each of hula's movements has a meaning that helps tell a story about gods and goddesses, nature or important events.
In order to get through a lot of complicated issues, it helps to have a little bit of humor.
It's not unusual for writers to feel that being in an altered state of some kind helps them as writers.
The combination of tough and sugary foods helps explain why so many of the giant ape's teeth were riddled with cavities.
The tongue helps us to taste and talk and swallow, but when compared with tongues in other species, ours are pretty boring.
The oil helps the salt cling to the seeds, she explains.
We found that blanching the ham before braising helps eliminate excessive saltiness in both the ham and the broth.
It helps to understand that all meat is muscle, and as muscles develop, they get tougher and more flavorful.
It helps to look at culture instead of at specific countries.
Being a regular helps because you can build a relationship over time, but even on your first visit you might get good advice.
He helps her to find her way home to her grandfather.
Immunity to boredom is one thing that helps to give computers the edge over human beings in some tasks.
It pays to ignore certain regulations, and summoning one's powers to render uniforms loquacious helps create a convivial mood.
And a look at their academic experience helps to explain why.
Studying evidence of climate change helps us understand changes in anatomical structure.
Knowing where sea turtles travel helps scientists better understand how to protect the gentle giants.
All of this helps on the energy side, on the climate change problem side, and on the food production side.
Glowing in the dark helps some living things survive.
Walking strengthens your muscles and helps maintain joint flexibility, both of which are critical to good joint health.
Changing color helps chameleons blend in to their surroundings.
Some say that the hammer-shaped head helps the sharks swim better.
Although ultrasound helps the bat find its prey, it also helps the prey find the bat.
Staying below the surface helps them avoid predators while they shovel in search of food.
The cheetah's excellent eyesight helps it find prey during the day.
Hippos' toes are webbed, which helps them paddle through the water.
The sea dragon's disguise helps it stay off another fish's menu.
Hanging out in shallow water during the day helps them get the sun they need.
Sharp eyesight helps them judge distances well, and the cats use their long tails to maintain balance.
They make patterns and contrasts much more dramatic, which helps readers get the picture-so to speak-quickly and clearly.
Their nostrils are covered with a valve that helps keep the nostrils closed while they're underwater.
We know that a good night's sleep helps to solidify our memories of the previous day's experiences.
One thing that helps me is to wear tight fitting jeans.
The discovery implies that acetylation helps regulate how the body gets its energy.
Senescence helps contain cells so badly damaged that they could turn into cancers.
Even as practice changes the brain's anatomy, it also helps different regions of the brain talk to one another.
The research focused on a type of cell called a synovial fibroblast, which helps to lubricate the lining of our joints.
Another factor of the granny shot also helps a free throw win cheers rather than jeers: a backward spin added to the ball.
They discovered major differences in the rats' hippocampus, a part of the brain that helps organize memories.
Now, the new discovery of the nearly complete fossil skeleton helps fill in the evolutionary gap.
What goes wrong in these disorders involves insulin, the hormone that helps the body absorb and store sugar.
Probably due to a lack of calcium, which helps sustain cardiac muscle contraction.
Nurturing their gifts, she said, helps draw them into social interaction.
Staying active as you age helps you remain healthy, live longer and feel better.
Early announcement of the theme helps communities nationwide plan related events and activities.
To answer this question, it helps to know what the fledgling firm was rebelling against in its early decades.
Not only does it help the garment look better but it also helps the actresses walk the way they're supposed to walk.
Luckily, the climate-both meteorological and political-that helps drive funding for this kind of work is beginning to change.
The teacher helps fill a void left by the student's absent father.
So understanding their online networks helps you get a sense of their offline networks as well.
The entertainment value of the family helps promote my palace.

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