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Example sentences for helplessness

Horror manifests the primal fear: loss of will, helplessness.
So this way to overcome learned helplessness is totally unacceptable.
Other cultural greeting displays similarly involve a demonstration of helplessness.
But of course thinking this way only promotes a feeling of helplessness.
What makes kids so lovable is the tension between their helplessness and their drive to deny it.
There's a kind of helplessness in many of the poems, the sense of being pulled along by something irresistible and invisible.
Helplessness and despair were the main responses to the blackened craters and scattered cinders behind their back yards.
There was something in the helplessness of the little animal held so tightly in his arms that gave him courage.
On the whole, considering his helplessness, he thought he had done as well as his neighbors.
But this is not a time for reticence, complacency, or helplessness.
He wants to devise a measure of the collaborationists' record that takes into account their political helplessness.
They seem to all come out of moments of urgency and helplessness.
As long as the news keeps happening quickly and a sense of helplessness looms over the culture, the rumors will keep coming.
Still, a positive outlook can address helplessness and return some control to a patient.
Abject helplessness combined with severe pain trumps everything.
Recognize and replace panic-causing thoughts, decreasing the sense of helplessness.
But this sense of helplessness is a dangerous illusion.
There may be a touch of validity to the frustrating helplessness of the couple faced by all of this murderous idiocy.
Recognize and replace panic-causing thoughts, and decrease the sense of helplessness.
People may have acquired learned helplessness and experienced that whatever they do, it always comes to naught anyway.

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