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The restrictions will however leave us more vulnerable and helpless in the face of these monsters.
They make you more vulnerable to stressors in the environment, to deciding that you are helpless even when you're not.
Feeling helpless leads us to see nonexistent patterns.
Squirrels are not as helpless as they may seem when confronted by rattlesnakes eager to make dinner of their pups.
Granite-gray mountain peaks glower at travelers, who gape in helpless awe at the land's stone-cold beauty.
And you think of how helpless they are as eggs and pupae, when they are stuck in place, unable to take evasive action.
The panelists and others in the room mumbled, they stammered, they were hopeless and helpless.
They can see their biological clocks running out before they achieve the golden ring of tenure, but they feel helpless.
Sam's own fate is tied to that of the ring yet he is helpless to determine his future in a direct manner.
And when students expect to be molly-coddled, it encourages them to continue to be helpless.
Females have litters of one to four cubs, which are blind and helpless at birth.
Polar bear cubs are born inside a snow den, and are tiny and helpless at birth.
The helpless prey is then guided into the mouth by the tentacles.
Human babies come into this world entirely helpless-unable to walk, talk, or feed themselves.
Tell students that caterpillars look helpless, but they have ways to defend themselves.
They are images of helpless, defenseless victims of unthinkable cruelty.
Snow leopard cubs are born helpless, with their eyes closed, and rely for several weeks on their mothers for nutrition.
The facts and images are terribly overwhelming and can leave one feeling truly helpless.
The severity and extent of all that can make you feel a little helpless.
The third instance involves a dog that is made helpless by being chained up when a bear approaches.
The stellar cannibal flared in brightness and threw off a shell of gas after devouring a large chunk of a helpless companion.
Care of the helpless doesn't get more basic than that.
Focusing on the evil people of a country can create negativity and helpless feelings.
It may have been a lot of weight but certainly far better than being dead or rendered helpless.
The psychopath is obsessed with control even if they give the impression of being helpless.
Helpless animals must be protected, no delays or reasons.
There's always a way to protect helpless animals and provide water too.
It fills you with a helpless rage: because, once there, you can only make things worse for yourself by speaking up.
It is bitter cold, windy, and he feels helpless against the winter.
Watching baseball-being helpless in the outcome-well, that is often not fun.
US soldiers, armed only with lethal weapons that they were forbidden to use against looters, were helpless.
But she is such a sweetly smiling fraud, such an artlessly helpless ninny, that one feels virtually nothing for her.
He tried to smile, but there was something helpless and incomplete in his pale smile.
It is a mistake to think that they are helpless little creatures, to be pitied and cried over because they are alone in the world.
One possibility, however, kept him hopeful and yet helpless.
The government seems helpless, or unwilling, to act against them.
We watched, helpless, as a policeman raised his shotgun and calmly shot him in the back.
One problem: the critical energy infrastructure seems to be helpless in the face of insurgent violence.
For many of us this transformation has included a helpless sense of repeated failures, both large and small.
As much as he's against the government and wants to stand up to them, he really is helpless.
The notion of beating away the helpless crew of another boat with one's oars was too awful to contemplate.
For better or worse national policies were helpless to stop it.
He's quick to violence, despite the fact that it almost always ends with him helpless on the floor.
Nor has he lost the look of a large, rather helpless and owlish scoutmaster.
Now he found himself helpless to protect his family from a second tragedy.
Helpless, he watched them set fire to the carpets and curtains.
That's why the growing belief that policy, today, is helpless is so important for the market.
But another is clearly that many people are revolted by the image of themselves as helpless objects of pity.
In the extreme, the policymaker would then be helpless to distinguish between biased and unbiased advisers.
Simply put, this generation of scholars is helpless without technology.
The urge to move, or talk incessantly, is so powerful that they are helpless against it.
We read about their plight and see the figures, but it's so easy to feel helpless to act in isolation.
It rolls onto its back, with its legs batting the air in helpless convulsions.
The smaller ones are often in bad shape, some in tatters, because of attacks by other squid during their helpless ascent.
As it grew, the administration was helpless to do anything about it.
They were in for a nasty surprise: the animals were almost helpless.
Deprived of that partnership, the bacteria were helpless.
He was the monster who destroyed them while they were helpless.
His daemonic vitality renders them helpless at resistance.
They are helpless abstractions of what they were always going to be.
The good news is that we're not completely helpless before drought, no matter how severe.
Truer to say she returned a pop-culture celebrity, the kind who's helpless to stop the world from spreading loose talk about her.
Born hairless and helpless, the babies mature quickly.
Also, watching news about a trauma may make the victims feel even more helpless.
The two to four kits are born with closed eyes and are helpless.
If they are a domesticated animal, they are absolutely helpless without you.

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