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Experimental therapies are helping many children with severe food allergies eat peanut butter or milk without getting sick.
Reading stories can fine-tune your social skills by helping you better understand other human beings.
And that's when the process of helping our crustaceans shed their mortal coil truly began.
Thanks for helping us in getting know to pomegranate salad.
They seemed happy only when they were helping the students in some manner.
If sympathy becomes distorted and morbid, it hampers instead of helping the effort toward social betterment.
If one succeeds in helping him to overcome this new resistance, then he regains his insight and his understanding.
Small animals called cleaner shrimps have found a way of helping fish at coral reefs.
When the adult bats leave the cave at night to feed, they are helping humans.
Get the students and community involved in helping to conserve rare, threatened, and endangered species and their habitats.
Researchers suspect herring hear the bubbles as they're expelled, helping the fish form protective shoals at night.
Now geographers are helping redraw the region so relief can reach ports in need.
Suttee says all the river needed to complete its recuperation was a helping hand from local people.
Improvements in modern home-building methods are helping to reduce the impact humans have on the environment.
King penguins' flippers are distinctively large, helping them dive deep in the icy ocean.
The new fossils are helping scientists piece together the earliest chapters of human evolution.
Watermelon, the quintessential summer fruit, may soon be helping to fuel your car as well as your picnic guests.
Maps can be extremely valuable in helping ocean scientists answer their research questions.
The latest cache is already helping researchers piece together the unusual animals' evolutionary history.
So my first job was helping people find the lots they couldn't locate and being in charge of the keys to the locked cabinets.
The system does a great job of helping you see in the dark, but it is not without flaws.
Leaping lizards are helping scientists build more stable vehicles.
New findings are helping to unravel why this is the case.
Motor activity lacking an obvious purpose may be less effective in helping someone relearn a particular movement.
It is fun to take part in giving others ideas for helping them see the light too.
Sensory information from taste cells is critical for helping us to detect and respond appropriately to needed nutrients.
Animal products are great at helping us grow, but they're also great at helping cancer grow.
Some perplexed monkeys are helping scientists better understand why humans became the only animals to evolve language.
It is inspiring to know that someone who deserves to be cared for is helping in taking care of others.
Scientists are crediting satellite imagery with helping to predict where volcanic eruptions could strike.
But humans alone extend altruism beyond kin, frequently helping perfect strangers for no obvious personal gain.
New imaging techniques are helping scientists see what s really going on in your mouth.
New fossils have revealed a species that is helping to connect the dots between bats and their nonflying forebears.
Self-service technology may provide other ways of helping companies through straitened times.
But sometimes it needs a helping hand, in the form of an external stimulus, such as a drug.
Cortisol prepares humans for danger, partly by helping the brain retrieve important memories.
Not only is technology helping us connect with the world, but also helping the poorer countries in the world get better standards.
Thank you for your interest in helping us to improve.
Logging companies that own land nearby have been anxiously helping with the containment effort.
At last there is money to spend on helping the poor.
The authors say high-school teachers and advisers should develop better processes for helping students set goals.
Another hot discussion topic: the role that faculty members and staff play in helping college students succeed.
Whatever they're doing, they're helping traditional students, and they're also helping nontraditional populations.
The experience built in him the lasting sense that government has a role to play in helping students afford college.
What you have to do is reduce the number of people who share responsibility for helping you.
Stock market volatility certainly isn't helping to calm consumers.
Twenty percent of the budget goes to helping the old, poor and sick with their health insurance.
Think about helping that soldier's caregiver with everyday chores, because he or she now has two full-time jobs instead of one.
Thanks so much for helping me to see life from a lighter angle and luring me out of the pits.
The cure is to keep a lower profile and be more generous with money and know-how in helping other economies to rise.
Such activities can also allow these organizations to appear to be helping far more people than they actually are.
When architects go too far in helping the public make such connections, the result is kitsch.
Throughout, the authors want to show the ability of people to resist and endure: by helping one another and making common cause.
Both had a lifelong dedication to science, but spent more time helping younger people than doing research themselves.
Praise this stem cell research for helping people with the condition listed in this article.
Thanks for helping expanding awareness of this topic.
The hormone curbs glucose levels by helping the body's cells absorb it as fuel.
Praise this stem cell research for helping people with knee pain.
They can also then be processed into fuels using equipment at existing refineries, helping keep costs down.
The heart leaps at the sight of a waitress, tongs in hand, offering an extra helping of fries.
He is best remembered for helping to found econometrics.
He was always thinking of ways of helping people, and was wondering how he might do some of those things when he died.
It's about helping to inculcate another generation of potential museum-goers.
It's done that by helping people buy stuff cheaply, and it hasn't gotten government hand-outs.
Legally giving people drugs has consistently failed in helping people overcome addiction.
Other companies are also eyeing the potentially lucrative market of helping the weak and old get around.
The frigid weather outside was not helping the cause.
Maybe there is some kin selection going there, but that's not what's causing the behavior of staying at home and helping.
Don't feel guilty about the breaks you've been sneaking at work-they could be helping you learn.
At the end of the cascade, strands of a molecule called fibrin come together, helping to form a clot.
They may motivate you to make changes, helping you set simple goals to reduce your negative impact on the planet.
To be used before the booster or before the night cream, helping to plump out the wrinkles.
And if you give a lot of your time to helping your husband, you put off having children.
Despite the occasional helping of tortoise meat, they would have to subsist on what amounted to a starvation diet.
Helping others: community service ideas, community service projects.

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