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The beach cruiser bikes come fully loaded with helmet, basket, and total adorableness.
On his lips he wore white sun block, and on his head a fighter pilot's helmet, complete with a transceiver.
We are briefed on helicopter safety and given a helmet with a cord to plug into the helicopter's voice system.
The watchman was fitted out with a helmet, gorget and a cloak.
The termites ate holes in my helmet and also in the cover of my cot.
The university said the mistakes were those of the sculptor, who also included a too-modern helmet.
Please buy yourself a helmet, a face mask, and knee pads.
Silver helmet, sometimes worn at a rakish angle when the heat and humidity made it slip off his head.
One prototype, a stereoscopic helmet worn by the surgeon, left users seasick after only a few minutes.
But blue-helmet work does not demand shiny new hardware.
Poignantly, the second returned with images of a mining helmet, its light still glowing.
He wears two small stickers on the back of his helmet to remember close friends who died this year.
Also, the expert wears a camera inside of his helmet to get as close as possible to the action.
The cords provide air as well as video feeds from the helmet cameras and two-way audio communication.
Good ventilation, the hood is roomy enough for a helmet, and the waist can snap inside to make a snug fit.
Great hood covers head over a helmet or hat or don't need a hat with this hood.
Then he straps on his helmet, flicks on two headlamps, and drops in.
Wear a ski helmet and goggles for safety, and watch for riders pitched off their sleds on hairpin turns.
They compared helmet-sensor data with brain imaging scans, along with cognitive tests.
You'd get more protection from a football helmet than the entire planet's magnetic sphere.
And nothing has changed more than the player's best friend: the helmet.
It sounds counterintuitive, but the better a bike helmet vents, the heavier it will be.
After a helmet, a cyclist's best friend is a weather-ready bag.
And when you go mountain biking, you put on a helmet.
It takes several hours to essentially program a users brain activity to the robot and helmet, so it knows what it's looking for.
These guys know you don't need a helmet to stick your head in cyberspace.
Snowmobile helmet fog is primarily caused by breathing warm, moist air onto a cold helmet shield.
One of them is the elimination of blindside helmet-to-helmet blocks.
If you tend to get really cold, helmet liners fit under your helmet and have neck gaiters attached.
During one inspection, he found a small screw missing from a soldier's helmet.
Because bombs and things go off out there, she had to rock her military helmet, but she was out there.
She was thrown by her horse but will recover since she was wearing a helmet.
The robot also has two standard and two high-definition cameras embedded inside the gold helmet that covers its head.
He wears no helmet or protective gear of any kind and is usually physically unsuited to evade fast-moving projectiles.
Course that's because they'd have to be helmet-cam snaps, hence low-res.
To control the exoskeleton, he envisaged a network of brain-scanning sensors in the helmet.
He would walk by, a little bent over, still wearing his bicycle helmet and ankle reflectors.
The bones of its skull have extended around its eyes and brain to create a thick helmet.
It whacked him on the helmet, went into a vertical climb then headed back to wards its lookout tree.
Scrambling up the scaffolding to the dig, he wears his pith helmet.
Sitting splay-legged, he used his helmet to fan his face.
The light tapped the helmet and sparkled it into a goblet.
The fallen soldier's helmet rests on the weapon's buttstock, shielding it as it once did his silhouette.
In fact, he wore a helmet only in the last four years of his career, after he suffered that injury.
But they stopped short of making the helmet use a local law.
Currently, there is no state law requiring helmet use.
However, some cities and counties do require helmet use with bicycles.

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