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Example sentences for helm

The company called on its eponymous founder and present chairman to resume the helm.
Sit back and relax or ask to take a turn at the helm once you have your sea legs.
Not every information outlet has journalists at the helm.
Even as the firm launched an internal investigation, he vowed to stay at the helm.
He began to describe his own career, how he had piloted tugboats and a ferry before taking the helm of a small cargo vessel.
But what they have not demonstrated is that they have a visionary at or anywhere near the helm.
Even while recovering from treatment, he has been determined to remain at the helm.
The crew worked the helm and throttles actively, sometimes slowing abruptly to keep the bow from battering the heaviest waves.
But it would be equally irresponsible to suggest that those at the helm do not possess entrenched power.
He instructed the officer on watch to take manual control of the helm.
The captain's place is generally at the helm, commanding his troops.
They point to the many hedge funds of doubtful quality, with inexperienced managers or even charlatans at the helm.

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