hello in a sentence

Example sentences for hello

Everywhere she goes residents shout hello or come up to ask for advice.
He made the mistake of dropping by one October afternoon to say hello.
She decided to stop in to say hello.
They look through us when we try and say hello.
When I enter the country store, locals greet me with a smile and hello.
The audience was made up primarily of women, and they were talking to one another and waving hello across the folding chairs.
Just interrupting the flow to say hello and I hope everyone is doing well.
So goodbye to delusion, distraction and division, hello to unity and resolve.
Hello, thank you for your article, it is truly inspiring.
She lifts her hand in the gesture she has seen her grandchildren use to wave an eager hello.
Harry walked up and said hello, but the farmer said nothing.
Maoris say hello by pressing their noses together in a greeting called hongi.
He calls hello back and makes his way to the television.
And so goodbye high fructose corn syrup, hello corn sugar.
Hello all, there are some questions about what to do for addiction.
In the beginning, when he heard someone call after him out on the street, he would wave hello to show what a good sport he was.
They should say hello before one of them says goodbye.
The tellers may greet you with ni hao instead of hello.
At the top it says hello and at the bottom it says world.
Say good-bye to the laughter of alienation and hello to a brand of comedy that fosters a feeling of community.
She sat in the library, and every movie star at the party-and there were a lot of them-stopped by to say hello.
To run the code, simply type the command hello and the program should run.
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