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The latest feat leaves helium and neon as the only stable elements refusing to join in a compound.
Another advantage of the pebble-bed reactor is the helium coolant.
Based on their densities, four of the planets appear to have thick atmospheres of hydrogen and helium.
Conventional wisdom holds that the first stars were born of the hydrogen and helium present in the early universe.
Helium is helium, even if you're inhaling it along with oxygen to help you breath better when you're sick.
Liquid nitrogen is far cheaper and easier to handle than liquid helium.
He has used helium beams this way to create cantilevers hinged at one end.
His team has replaced the first stage with a gigantic reusable helium balloon.
And to make ultra-heavy hydrogen, they replaced one of the electrons in a helium atom with a negative muon.
If the giant blimps can get the helium and helium containers they need to fly, that is.
He also conducted studies on the kinetic theory of gases and on the properties of liquid helium.
After that, the liquid helium used to cool its instruments will run out.
They all require the inert, or noble, gas helium for their use or at some stage of their production.
Everyone wondered if the balloon was actually the right size to hold enough helium to carry him.
The weight in pounds that one cubic foot of helium can lift.
Another improvement would be replacing the expensive an heavy helium with hydrogen safely.
Helium is used to maintain pressure in the fuel tanks when the vehicles are prepared for overseas air or sea shipment.
At launch, the balloon will have only a small bubble of helium at the top.
They then opened the buckyballs to release the helium and argon inside them.
But the whole thing then breaks up into three helium nuclei, releasing a lot of energy at the same time.
But within weeks an electrical glitch caused tons of supercooled helium to leak into parts of the machine's tunnels.
Almost all stars shine as a result of the nuclear fusion of hydrogen into helium.
She said that the helium balloons were forced to the back of the vehicle when the driver accelerated.
Consider the restrictions it placed on helium exports early last century.
The flood of helium slammed into the magnets, jostled them out of position, and destroyed more wiring and part of the beam pipe.
Helium relies on advertising dollars and its growing writer's marketplace for revenue.
Its helium gas bags started bursting from the pressure differential.
The purpose of the helium is to keep the walls of the balloon from collapsing.
For emergencies, the scanners have so-called quench buttons that expel the liquid helium that powers the magnets.
They watch giant helium balloon creatures float above an urban street, part of a parade.
Alex sets sail with some helium balloons and floats out over the ocean.
The small fusion device accelerates hydrogen atoms and slams them together to produce helium.
The outer shell contains large amounts of ionized hydrogen, while the inner shell contains large amounts of helium.
The planet itself is composed largely of hydrogen, helium and methane, with a rock and ice core.
Where the pools were deep, hydrogen fused with hydrogen to become helium.
Some light elements were created via nuclear fusion such as helium.
Drawn with a helium beam and etched with hydrofluoric acid.
New ships have rigid envelopes that eliminate the need for a frame, and they are filled with nonflammable helium.
If all works out, tremendous amounts of energy will get released when the lasers fuse the hydrogen atoms to make helium.
The spheres were covered in a soft metal called niobium and cooled to the temperature of liquid helium.
Helium has no affinity chemically with biological stuff.
And then ask them what happens to a helium balloon in a car that suddenly accelerates or decelerates.
The next giant leap: ice mining, helium farming, and a launchpad to the solar system.
On top, the team installed an elaborate liquid helium cooling system to keep resistance in the wire near zero.
Now find out as the film shows the birth of a star from hydrogen, helium gas and dark matter.
Helium gas exhausted to the atmosphere bubbles irrecoverably into deep space.
Which would explain years of mysterious results obtained from experiments on liquid helium.
In addition to these goodies, the solar wind carries light elements such as helium to the moon's surface and leaves them there.
The noble gases such as helium remain aloof and unreactive, while the alkali metals can be expected to be silvery and reactive.
When government supporters ripped down their election posters, they hoisted more on helium balloons.
These react to form helium, yet more neutrons and a whole lot more energy.
Only the lightest gases-mostly oxygen, helium, and hydrogen-are found here.
Clouds are obscured by the planet's overlying atmosphere, which is composed primarily of hydrogen and helium.
The superheated gases that form the sun, mainly hydrogen and helium, exist in an electrified state called plasma.
Red represents ionized hydrogen, green shows ionized oxygen, and blue shows ionized helium.
It is a giant gas planet, made up mostly of hydrogen and helium.
The galaxy is also more efficient in converting its original supply of hydrogen and helium into stars.
Helium-filled balloons floated from trees and porches.
So, the helium lobes resemble the laboratory image mentioned below.
Helium is four times denser than hydrogen, so even a balloon with no payload and no structure would be four times too heavy.
Third, the universe contains large amounts of deuterium and helium, as it should if temperatures were once much higher.
Helium stratification could be separating the core's fusion into several individual solar furnaces.
The machine hopes to trap and squeeze hydrogen isotopes until they fuse together to form helium, releasing energy.
The catch was the chair was powered by the wind as he launched his chair attached to helium-filled balloons.
Her voice is high-pitched, as if she had been hitting the helium bottle.
Now, suddenly, he was pumped up with helium cheer and unnerving confidence.
Helium isotopes reveal hidden stores of geothermal energy.
If all goes as planned, some of the hydrogen atoms should fuse, producing helium and releasing energy.
At dinner that night, my kids sat with paper and pencils, trying to invent a different way to make helium blimps.
When a proton fuses with a boron atom, which has five protons and six neutrons, the new nucleus splits into three helium nuclei.
The helium is what cools the magnets to near absolute zero, and without it the magnets lose their superconducting ability.
As the temperature rises, the copper atoms boil off into a chamber filled with helium gas.
There are only two electrons orbiting helium's nucleus.
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