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The helicopter hovered above the surface for a moment, then crashed into the water and began to sink.
And the fact that people are permitted to shoot any animal from a helicopter turns my stomach.
There's almost no other way, unless you own a helicopter.
For technical reasons, they had to track them with hand-held and helicopter-mounted antennas.
One uses onscreen touch controls, and the other lets you tilt the phone, using the accelerometers to move the helicopter.
If you want to get off the ground, build helicopter.
And this acreage has now been expanded exponentially courtesy of an on-site helicopter.
Conservationists start by herding elephants towards waiting trucks and ground teams, with a helicopter.
Toward the cool of evening the helicopter took off, vultures trailing in its wake.
It looks as if someone used a helicopter to take this photo.
He heard shooting and screams, then felt an explosion as a grounded helicopter was destroyed.
The firm had also diversified in all directions, including helicopter avionics and consumer online services.
Mini helicopter drones for reconnaissance inside buildings are not far off.
On top of this, such dust makes helicopter maintenance even more difficult than it is already.
These creatures are being pursued by a high-tech wrangler who has traded a horse for a helicopter.
They said they wanted to be ferried to work by helicopter each day, rather than by boat.
They are swept from meeting to meeting by presidential motorcade or helicopter.
And it's a lot cheaper and easier to train someone to shoot a missile than it is to teach them to fly a helicopter.
The idea of shooting things from a helicopter gives the impression of laziness.
Maybe the idea is to shoot the dinosaur from the helicopter.
However a remote controlled helicopter could easily accomplish the task.
And later the scientists will head north by plane, helicopter and boat to dig for bones.
We are on diesel generators for a couple of months again until the tower can be replaced by helicopter.
She invited these insiders to the governor's mansion, and even led some of them on a helicopter tour.
About an hour later, three more body bags arrived by helicopter.
On the mule ride down to the river she got hysterical, refused to get back on her mule, and had to be rescued by helicopter.
Meanwhile, a security helicopter had descended and was hovering threateningly.
Capture techniques would include the helicopter-drive trapping method and/or helicopter-roping from horseback.
The term helicopter money is meant to portray the image of a central banker dropping money on people from a helicopter.
One in a helicopter and the other the next day in a fixed-wing airplane.
Another project developed during the camp lets users control a toy helicopter with gestures.
She had never seen a helicopter before and for a while she wondered what it was.
For years he had been mulling over a design that combined the characteristics of a helicopter and a conventional rocket.
The studies measured fish abundance and survival with rod catches, helicopter flyovers, and trapping by fences and fish wheels.
Current prototypes include a sparrow-size flapping-wing craft and four-blade helicopter-style robots.
Therefore, a helicopter would require one seventh the thrust and one thirty-fifth the power in a hover.
Teams on the ground tracked the pollinators while a helicopter crew provided additional monitoring.
The design recalls the precursor of the helicopter, the autogiro.
The helicopter parent situation is real and at small time, private universities, you see it more and more these days.
He survived, and was plucked from the impact zone by the helicopter.
He did extremely well in naval college, and clearly anyone who can fly a helicopter must have his wits about him.
The helicopter's approach scared away birds that had briefly touched down on the marsh's water surface.
But it does no good to tell that to the helicopter parents.
The regular helicopter parent hovers at a distance, ready to swoop.
In short, helicopter operations certainly have more than their share of challenging missions and environments.

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