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Boys were considered more valuable-as heirs or for support in old age.
There could also be a search to find heirs of the original owner.
They are the heirs to fascists, communists and other extremists, who failed.
Although the tract had once been part of a large multi-generational family farm, the heirs had dispersed around the country.
What an interest only mortgage would do in this situation is transfer risk to the heirs.
The longer you work, the more there is to live on or leave to your heirs later.
If the individual is deceased, their heirs can claim the funds.
The employment of a stonemason is explained by the conditions under which the mystery is revealed to successive heirs and factors.
They soon began to build castles and to transmit their powers, together with their lands, to their heirs.
Published posthumously without the consent of the author's heirs and executors.
Living trust can get that moose head to heirs faster.
Over the years he has picked many a fight with founders of luxury firms, or their heirs, who were unwilling to sell.
They, as the new joint-chief operating officers, are now heirs apparent.
The people who administer the system, the heirs of those who devised it, stand to gain enormously from its perpetuation.
The efforts his heirs have made to protect-and share-his extraordinary archive have been instrumental in keeping his name alive.
His possible heirs are little known, and include three sons and his brother-in-law.
The self made respondents are significantly happier than the heirs.
It meant nothing that she was her father's executor and one of his heirs.
The painting, recently returned to the heirs, is now up for sale.
He had two wives but being impotent, he had no children and thus, no heirs.
The following heirs listed above are under legal disability.
They are the heirs, the inheritors, of a vital change which began to take place in historical study at the turn of this century.
Boldness and intransigence are depicted by the right-wingers as the sole legitimate heirs of those glorious days.
What it is sure to do is to redistribute wealth, power, and opportunity to the wealthy and powerful and their heirs.
The skinheads appear to be the spiritual heirs of old-line racist groups.
Seniors with no immediate heirs need to take extra pains to plan their estates.
History's shabby discards and their dejected heirs were cashing in on the fact and dialectic of disaster.
His strategy of nonviolence has spawned generations of spiritual heirs around the world.

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