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At the death of his predecessor the heir-apparent becomes heir-at-law.
Tom is glib and undisciplined enough to maintain that his philandering is no more than the ills that all flesh is heir to.
In a sharp break with tradition, he was the first heir to marry a commoner.
This debut novel of a trilogy centers on the true heir of Merlin.
The heir to a royal house must protect his people from destruction.
With the founder gone and no heir apparent, the company was directionless.
Each one of us is heir to the knowledge and wisdom of past generations.
The primary purpose of a royal marriage was to beget an heir to continue the line.
Such a home as he had was there, and of the things that belonged to it he was the heir.
Some heir to some producer or star from back in the day may own them and no one is actively working to generate revenue with them.
My father was a painter who was an heir to the modernist image.
To put it another way entirely, the candy cigarette has found a rightful heir.
He can't be held responsible for the linked historical transformations of which he became the odd heir.
The heir to the throne is seeking to block publication of diaries he kept during trips abroad.
He was the patriarch's first grandson and chosen heir.
The firearms may be transferred on a tax-exempt basis to a lawful heir.

Famous quotes containing the word heir

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