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Example sentences for heinous

The most heinous crime of all is to forget to replace a record in its cover immediately after use.
Paul betrays the family's trust with a heinous act.
The criminal at the heart of bestseller Margolin's unsatisfying 10th thriller is particularly heinous.
There is no evidence to suggest that a video game drives people to commit heinous crimes.
Only in the heat of battle does he exhibit sociopathic expertise in heinous and horrifying ways.
Anderson predicts that someday, standard corporate practice of today will be remembered as heinous criminal behavior.
Do not think me guilty of the heinous crime of forgetting
They must be brought to justice for this barbaric and heinous act.
Maybe what he's done is so heinous that you'd like him to waste away, writhing with some horrible condition.
They utterly refute the suppositions posited in this heinous article.
And this makes their heinous breach of parental olfactory responsibilities all the more incomprehensible.
But determining exactly what prompted a professor to commit such a heinous act may be an impossible task.
He had the physicist's heinous fault of professing to know nothing between flashes of intense perception.
None of this heinous cruelty to animals matters to them.
Until the world can loudly condemn this heinous crime, it will continue.
Well done to all those involved in crippling such a heinous network.
The clients are usually guilty of heinous murders, and almost always come from brutally depressed and violent backgrounds.
Because there is a heinous lack of effective public transportation in the city.
The more heinous the object of comparison, the more cautious you should be in invoking it.
Not at all sorry for committing a heinous crime, a convicted killer awaits his execution.
The details of his heinous crime are leaked out gradually.
It would have stopped counting non-violent, non-serious crimes as third strikes, unless a previous strike was heinous.
Some acts, he argues, are so heinous that no other punishment is appropriate.
But if their misdeeds were deemed too heinous, amnesty could be denied.
Those players were alleged to have offered to throw matches, a far more heinous crime than bowling a no-ball.
Trade can flourish even along with such heinous things happening on borders.
As the pent-up venom flows out every wrong one believes one has suffered becomes a justification to commit heinous crimes.
With such heinous activities the perpetrators are buying nothing but disgust and hatred.
New cars aren't that great, either- not even close to justifying the heinous damage of harvesting new materials to build them.
As heinous as the crime was, it did not happen without warning.
The end result of a heinous crime remains the same, no matter who commits it.
Yet for many this heinous crime lurks in the shadows.
Detectives often work tireless hours when investigating heinous crimes.

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