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Even a flat planting with a foliage screen of differing heights would work, if one lacked wall-building skills.
These potatoes soar to new heights when topped with green beans.
The market capitalization of the for-profit sector of higher education shot up to dizzying heights.
Investments have bounced back, but not to their former heights.
The bar to gain tenure or to get promoted has risen to nearly impossible heights.
We may come back to the many efforts of lyricism in the text, which don't often scale the intended heights.
Look at famous pot smokers past and present who have risen to great heights.
Heritability can also be used to predict an individual's height if the parents' heights are known.
What happens next depends on the size of the two dunes, particularly their heights.
Excellent growing weather and good harvests provided temporary relief, but prices have once again soared to record heights.
Global warming has hastened this loss, and may potentially raise sea levels to devastating heights.
They welcome anyone willing to push performance to unparalleled heights, limited only by imagination, ambition and determination.
However the media has spun this into hysterical heights.
There are not enough aircraft or dry ice capable of reaching the required heights.
Were he but gifted with imagination he might rise to great heights of his profession.
Hiking boots are available in both mid and high heights, offering different levels of support.
Here he gives us the lowdown on the heights of human performance.
Fungus spores explode in sync to attain higher heights.
In this lesson, students will learn about the varying heights of ocean waves and what causes the variation.
Their dazzling white coats provide good camouflage on the snowy heights.
By lifting and lowering the other end at different speeds and heights, create different sets of waves for the students to see.
Ocean water washes its shores, while close inland, mountains rise to snowcapped heights.
Stone castles rise from nearby heights, sprouting towers and battlements.
After rising to sublime heights, the sacred city may have engineered its own downfall.
She spent whole days in the saddle, or was driven over those bleak and rocky heights in a baggage cart.
It at once gained the heights of popularity and was translated into many languages.
On the heights it is warmer than people in the valleys suppose, especially in winter.
Issues of private debt, however, are scaling new heights.
So there is no doubt that this administration has ramped up uncertainty to new heights.
If they had somehow managed to push prices to unjustified heights, then demand would contract, leaving unsold pools of oil.
And yields on the debt of euro-zone periphery governments are rising to new heights.
In order for digital distribution to take off, the studios will probably have to bring prices down from their current heights.
The advantage of late recognition is that it can spur them to new heights.
At the heights of mountain ranges and continental divides.
The strength of the dollar has pulled the peso up to damaging heights.
And it's that fusion that results in golden, caramelized tofu, taking a few simple ingredients to new heights.
Still, to reach the heights in practically any field today calls for a round-the-clock commitment.
It's certainly true that if you draw a graph of hominid brain size over time, it has climbed to spectacular heights.
The expected value of your height is strongly conditional upon the heights of your parents.
Decomposition of vegetation would slow dramatically, and detritus would pile up to abnormal heights.
But the book brought the concept of bio-safety levels to far more advanced heights.
Techniques can be used to lessen somebody's fear of spiders or heights, for example.
Cutting building heights would mean cutting city budgets.
But the heights of people still use feet and inches.
Someone who takes credulity to new and scary and non-scientifically-approved heights.
From his position in the trough he cannot estimate the heights of the waves he faces.
The real work must be accomplished on the ground and not from the commanding heights.
Heirloom tomatoes, especially, take that adjective to new heights.
He has designed pairs of shoes with heels of mismatched heights.
And lovers sought the dim heights of the third balcony-the paradise-away from the probing lorgnettes.
No longer does he look down from the heights, it's simple.
The foundation of the history of jazz is the great studio recordings, but it reaches its heights in concert.

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