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As the value of the property heightened, taxes increased, forcing many to leave the area.
Enrollment chiefs huddled with presidents and trustees, bracing for an era of heightened uncertainty.
Today's researchers are working in an environment of heightened public concern for the safety of human subjects.
It was not an unpleasant thing for her at all and in fact she came away with a heightened respect for the principle of the school.
The barriers between faculty and administrators can be heightened when there is collective bargaining.
The first factor is the expectancy of danger which expresses itself in heightened sensory attention and in motor tension.
Loud noises from fireworks can be frightening to anyone, but especially our pets with a heightened senses of hearing.
Most gadgets also will bump up against heightened consumer expectations.
Deaf people with enhanced vision can thank otherwise idle brain cells for their heightened sense, a new study in cats suggests.
Rock colors are heightened by contrast with winter snows, green summer foliage, deep blue fall skies.
With heightened awareness comes caring, and with caring, conservation.
Even with heightened security, getting over the border is easy, and thousands of people cross back and forth each day.
There's a heightened sense of urgency in those three countries.
Federal regulators seem to have heightened their scrutiny of diet pills that could pose risks.
Instant communications and heightened media interest mean that a company's reputation can be quickly and easily tarnished.
As a result, heightened sensitivity and abnormal pain sensations occur in the surrounding skin.
As a result, they are more anxious and fearful, and show a heightened response to stress.
Despite such heightened tension, the state's response continues to be hesitant.
Dissidents have been detained or put under heightened surveillance.
The flip side of easy connectivity and remote access, however, is the heightened risk of a security breach.
The oil-price spike has heightened sensitivity over hedging costs.
They pay attention to the heightened ritual of everyday things.
The increase in kidnapping has heightened the feeling of insecurity, even among those with protection.
Whether heightened tolerance is due specifically to rowing synchronously remains unclear.
One is a heightened awareness of the risks of subcontracting.
The potential for wrangling is heightened by party politics.
Most periods of heightened executive power during wartime have been followed by sharp reactions.
Above all, they will need a heightened sense of their roles in society.
Sending more security to the border carries risks of its own, as does a heightened climate of fear.
The cascade continues until a large region of the brain is buzzing with heightened processing.
The intimacy level is so heightened with a kiss that types of communication exist that are outside the realm of spoken language.
They have a heightened risk for kidney failure, heart and eye problems, and nerve disease.
Moreover, with their heightened self-awareness, gifted children keenly feel a personal loss caused by any developmental disorders.
The first study found that alpha waves were heightened.
However, overall, users and their families were pleased with a heightened level of openness in their loved ones.
Security has been heightened around the country before this weekend's commemoration.
Traveling though airports can be a bit trying in times of heightened security.
Despite the heightened stakes, leaders on both sides reiterated their view that default would not ultimately occur.
When the traumatic event is something that cannot be undone, the heightened stress response becomes both useless and destructive.
Several researchers have shown that heightened emotions drive people to share information.
There was an openness, a sense of possibility, heightened by the abstraction of still-absent children.
It is difficult to see where any heightened appreciation of the market system is going to come from.
And indeed, conventional genetic testing would point to a heightened risk for diseases they never developed.
Dreams, by contrast, are characterized not only by rapid transitions but by a heightened sense of emotionality and irrationality.
The consequences are likely to go beyond the quest for heightened pleasure.
Some argued that the cultural differences where heightened for rhetorical purposes.
The brain's heightened responses can also open the way for psychological troubles.
The disparate features would have to be heightened, recombined, and honed into a single doomsday plague.
The changes in the cetacean ear, head, and brain that have heightened this sense are a triumph of adaptation.
He speculates that great whites also possess a biological clock and a heightened spatial sense.
To protect everyone, the players were caged off from the spectators, which only heightened the physicality of the contests.
Thatcher combined key prosecutions with regulatory reform, close monitoring of unions, and heightened supervision of contractors.
The effect of the whole thing was heightened by the monks' magnificently wild beards.
It had been an evening of political urgencies and heightened emotions.
To do the surgery right away would have only heightened the risk.
Our austere camp life only heightened the pleasure of what few luxuries came our way.
You're in these heightened dramatic moments that have nothing to do with reality.
She was the object instead of heightened legal scrutiny.
Romantic literature and music heightened expectation.
Heightened rhetoric usually leads to misunderstanding.
Heightened ambitions and a desire to get ahead financially will build up incentive to get much accomplished.
Take advantage of your heightened ability to solve puzzles.
Given the heightened interest in the health of cattle right now, the move wasn't exactly well timed.
Home educators no doubt have a heightened sense of parental responsibility.

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