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Paint the ceiling a lighter color to bring the eye up and heighten the space.
Stormy seas heighten the effects of the currents, making the whirlpools even more spectacular.
So the team of scientists tested the snails to see if methamphetamines might heighten snail recall.
Another biggie is stress, which is known to take a toll on immune systems and heighten risk to various ailments.
At the moment, the country is struggling to find out how to heighten the educational level.
Population growth and sea-level rise will heighten the risk in this area.
Similar styles of seating could be used inside and out to heighten the connection between interior and exterior spaces.
Such participation will directly familiarize you with the process and should heighten your comfort level.
She created these phenomenal bouquets with herbs added to heighten the fragrance.
Making select home renovations can heighten your family's comfort level while saving energy.
It is designed to heighten individual autonomy and thwart centralization.
However, the conditions of their current residence in internally displaced camps substantially heighten their risk.
Ignition and fuel strategies are only two ways to heighten performance.
The color is false, but does heighten the sense of unreality to it.
The patches are surprisingly artful and whimsical, often invoking wizards and dragons to heighten the aura of mystery.
Both acts heighten observation of individual moments.
In the game of nuclear brinkmanship, escalating alerts only heighten the sense of fear and distrust on both sides.
Then stir in the lemon juice to heighten the flavor.
It is the object of the poem to heighten that tension.
Such alarmingly high figures sparked regulators and producers to heighten sanitary measures.
The idea is to heighten their perception of external realities.
The otherworldliness of the scene serves only to heighten the bizarre juxtapositions on the table.
The clanging, whirring sound- tracks heighten the giddy spectacle.
The roe can be mixed with softened butter, then a few drops of lemon juice to heighten the flavor.
The researchers then heighten the naturally occurring chaos in the beam and feed the message into it.
The rush of the water and the booming of the mill bring a dreamy deafness, which seems to heighten the peacefulness of the scene.
Let a poet go through the grounds and he will heighten and increase all these sounds and images.
But military leadership can heighten crises to the point where war becomes unavoidable.
Movies employ the best paleontologists as advisers to heighten the realism of their creatures.
They might heighten tensions between people in cities and those in the countryside.
But such nods and winks serve only to heighten instability.
All of which serves, of course, to heighten the enigma of our closest planetary neighbour.
If it fails, it could heighten the sense of abandonment.
Elections can heighten sectarian tensions, and may produce weaker or more anti-Western governments.
The gloomy economical prospects gravely heighten this danger.
Overall, the fact that both sides could see what the other was up to did more to relax tensions than to heighten them.
Communists seek to perfect their virtue and heighten their morals.
No reason to have this come up regularly to heighten tensions.
The annular ring contains a dense nerve network and high levels of peptides that heighten perception of pain.
And many are betting his latest project will heighten the profile of the national parks, too.
The idea is to heighten the senses and find out what gives your significant other pleasure.
Still, the possibility of danger can heighten the sense of adventure.
The goal is to heighten awareness of safety issues and get people to think and talk about various safety concepts.
Heighten public awareness of fire prevention and life safety.
Provide information to the families of these students, to heighten awareness of best management practices for water conservation.
Permanent indoor restrooms only serve to heighten the ultimate festival experience.
Toast them first, she said, to heighten their flavor and maintain their crunch.
Instead, he embraced the flat image plane as a way to heighten dramatic abstractions that he found in commonplace objects.
Attacks heighten concern for city's crowded festivals.
The fact is that such methods heighten the risk to hostages.
But developing countries harbor a host of other factors that heighten the peril.

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