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These intentionally confusing spaces are created in part by a long void that cuts through the length and height of the museum.
Lack of height can limit a quarterback's vision.
This height is also the frequent cruising altitude of commercial airliners.
I'm not keen on people lying about height or age.
Modeling is more about marketing than being perfect or a certain height.
His height and long arms help his pitches get right up on the hitters.
The extra height, density, and variety of plants bring this smaller planting into visual balance with the more expansive meadow.
The dominant trees in this moist forest are dipterocarps, with some specimens growing more than 100 feet (30 m) in height.
The mountains on the other side of the highway are well over 5 meters in height.
Classroom seating was done by height.
The need to hold down team height and weight would open the games to smaller players who now are excluded.
Some experts have argued that the formula, which depends solely on height and weight, is too simplistic.
Arriving empty-handed without an appointment is the height of rudeness, he grumbles.
As ocean waves approach the shallow depth of a beach they are bent and the wave height increases.
It was a humbling sensation to stand between the creature's paws, each twice my height and longer than a city bus.
They were designed that way to comply with federal regulations for headlight height.
They came in many sizes from nine hands to fourteen hands in height.
Anyone could see that he had been handsome, and he still cut a grace:ful fig- ure, slim and of medium height.
There was also a general resemblance in height, weight, and complexion.
Every room is about twice the size it seems to need to be, and every ceiling is triple-height.
Imagine people's height being proportional to their income, so that someone with an average income is of average height.
In particular, sudden changes in its height made the job of flying safely above it a tricky one.
It is in danger, however, of being seen as the height of folly.
They measure children against a pole, using height to gauge dosage.
He can, when he wants, theorise without oxygen at any height.
Fewer people fail to grow to their proper height and weight because of poor childhood diets.
All of these are designers working at the height of their powers.
Add the length, width and height of your luggage to obtain its total dimensions.
Nighttime, low-level jet streams are marked by a rapid change in wind speed with height.
Sorry about the typo on height in the second paragraph.
We have risen to a towering height at the expense of everything around us.
Are the climate models capable of predicting the height and distribution of soot then.
The real destructive power of tsunamis lies not in excessive height, but in their wavelength.
Melting floating ice does not impact water height in your tea, nor the ocean.
They will be grouped partly according to height, with no variation of more than six centimeters, or about two and a half inches.
Height isn't always advantageous, of course, but it usually helps.
They will begin by learning the components of a wave, and will then discuss the meaning of wave height and wavelength.
Height of tallest plant-Measure from the ground to the top of the plant.
At the city's height, tens of thousands of people may have lived there.
By definition, they dominate their surroundings with towering height.
Skiagraphy shows that the height of the diaphragm in the thorax varies considerably with the position of the body.
Human courage should rise to the height of human calamity.
Deep blue water was all around that island, and on its height a marble house was to be seen.
These varieties are lost sight of when seen at a little distance, at a little height of thought.
Flap your makeshift wooden wings to get more height, but your flaps are limited.
Two-piece bezel doesn't allow height or rotation adjustments.
Well, average height is also increasing in the population.
And its location, especially its height off the ground, is crucial to understanding a vehicle's stability on the road.
Remember that at the height of infection, almost half of its body is made up of parasites and it has been castrated.
Mountains increase in height due to melting glaciers, becoming higher as they rebound against the missing weight of the ice.
One of the first systems anybody studies is the simple harmonic oscillator, which is the height of simplicity and elegance.
My guess would be no because due to its orbital height it does not obscure enough of the sun to define a shadow.
It depends only on the lapse rate, the difference in height, and the temperature at the top.
Even at the height of summer the route can be choked with ice at any time, anywhere.
Height is proportional to the number of things the theory gets right.
The height of presumption and no small arrogance, that be.
At her height, her power and reach was the stuff of royalty.
And the height of that market hurdle has risen as the profits of the large companies have grown.
Foreman looked done for, banging his head on the canvas when he slammed down on his side as if dropped from a great height.
Since we're both tall, the extra height was actually a plus.
The sink height also adjusts, with space under it so a wheelchair can roll up to it.
To trim the height to fit, be sure the door clears the floor surface and any carpeting.
In the week to come, pull yourself up to your full height and stand tall even when tempted to stoop to do something underhanded.
At the height of the summer season, places to sleep are at a premium and should be reserved early.
The difference in the height between the bars is a measure of how much the tax code reduces inequality.
Definition of height, possibly with links to more information and implementations.
Three years later, exhaustion foiled a second attempt at virtually the same height.
The fearsome plant is chiefly recognizable by its impressive height and its clusters of white flowers.
The problem is, it's been decades since this particular machine actually stood to its full height.

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