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Try dipping these hefty sandwiches in the broth the meat cooks in, or sip the broth alongside.
On top she adds more toasted coconut, hefty dollops of whipped cream, and shavings of white chocolate.
It would give the hefty table top an airy lofty feel.
Most must resort to an iron self-discipline bolstered by a hefty dose of superiority over those who eat junk food.
You're not allowed to pluck a number out of the air or to dole out hefty paychecks to people because they're your friends.
It's a hefty chunk of change for any start-up, but the publicity may be even more valuable.
The job's other lure, he says, was its hefty salary.
Count your proposal writing as equivalent to a hefty seminar.
Health insurance is not a product that generates a hefty return for its stockholders.
Purebred pets often come with a hefty price tag, but the value skyrockets when the animal for sale is an endangered species.
It takes a big hefty bee to lift the lid, extract the nectar, and pollinate the flower.
And that doesn't take into account the thousands of spikes, plates, and hefty wooden railroad ties in each mile.
Lightweight materials are particularly appealing for plug-in vehicles, which carry hefty lithium-ion battery packs.
Pulling animals out of the wild and into pens requires a hefty amount of technology and manpower.
Cameras snap license plates, and hefty fines are levied on those who venture into the city by motor vehicle without a permit.
But the alternative could be to leave your heirs a hefty estate tax bill on the property.
So the hefty fellows usually wind up playing character roles.
Nomura has incurred hefty costs from incorporating the business.
Broadcasters that insert products into programmes in exchange for money from manufacturers face hefty fines.
Sales of luxury goods are exploding, despite a hefty tax on importing them.
To make it all work, poorer countries receive hefty aid in exchange for opening their markets to their richer neighbours.
The country's initial fundraising success came at a hefty price.
And the emotional costs of leaving home, though still hefty, are much lighter than they were.
If implemented, that would allow the authority to charge a hefty daily fee for the use of road space at busy times.
No wonder the company has a hefty derivatives portfolio.
Places on business-school courses will be popular with ousted employees who can afford to pay the hefty fees.
The spread of false information carries a maximum punishment of five years' imprisonment and a hefty fine.
Unfortunately, as the authors report, mangrove forests are disappearing at a hefty rate.
So astronomers are taking the rare opportunity to study a hefty asteroid without having to send a craft into deep space.
It is the hefty insulated human that longest survives shipwreck in cold seas, for instance.
All the while, nuclear would be able to supply a hefty base load a smart grid system.
It's an easy-to-grasp yet hefty concept that provides satisfying answers to big questions with further investigation.
But it carries a hefty price tag not only in dollars, but also in risk.
It's a hefty sample, with a lot of nurses and pretty good continuity.
Dinosaurs also used their tails to drive their leg retractor muscles, resulting in large, hefty tails.
Help kids maintain a healthy diet without a hefty cost.
As you might expect, these companies are pretty used to a hefty number of defaults, and consequential losses.
Taking a deep breath, he lowered the rear hatch of the truck and inspected the rope knotted to a hefty wooden crate.
The wine list is accessible in two forms: hanging chalkboards or hefty slabs of slate.
But if you think for a moment and do the math, you realize that it would amount to a really hefty tax.
If convicted on all counts they could be incarcerated for up to twenty-five years, though hefty fines are more likely.
Three of them were recently disciplined by the hospital for not having disclosed some of their hefty payments from drug companies.
The cow's hefty immune system prevents it from being sickened by its bacterial load, researchers say.
It is four inches in diameter, five feet long, and weighs a hefty eight or so pounds.
Yeah, that was some pretty hefty chunks of metal slamming into the surface.
But those have hefty lobbying efforts to keep them intact, and science programs have few advocates.
It's a yellowed husk of its pristine-white former self, tragically hefty-looking next to its slimmer, silver younger sibling.
Meanwhile the top management pulls down hefty compensation packages.
Now he was earning more than a million dollars a picture and getting a hefty percent of the profits.
Unlike hawk-built nests, however, the kind designed by architects tend to come with a hefty price tag.
But investigators have a hefty bag of tricks to expose them-powder, chemicals, lasers and lights.
Sure, solar panels are a hefty investment, and credit markets are tightening up.
Hefty is not barred from objecting to lien avoidance by his failure to timely object to exemptions.
Seat belt tickets can mean hefty fines and, in some places, points on your license.
All unemployment benefits obtained by fraud must be repaid along with a hefty fine imposed by state statute.
There bureaucracy charges a hefty fee to those who attend.
These extra services generally come with a hefty price tag.
But the state has said it won't consider that hefty request without a complete master plan.
The state budget looks bleak despite a hefty income tax increase.
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