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Example sentences for heeled

Some well-heeled car fanciers have turned their garages into plush lounges.
And many in this increasingly well-heeled group intend to use their money to purchase an overseas education for their children.
Plus, it's often easier to look stylish wearing lower-heeled shoes with trousers.
So that's my typical uniform: jean, blazer and low heeled pumps.
The only things that scare me are high heeled-spike type shoes.
Please remove high-heeled shoes before using the slides.
If it's a fake, the well-heeled sneer, you can't flaunt it.
However, this is not a game that only the well-heeled can play.
Her standard outfit is a jacket with baggy trousers or calf-length skirt and flat-heeled, clodhopper shoes.
Both were bailed out by well-heeled friends and relatives.
Fashion's flirtation with square-toed, chunky-heeled shoes is over, replaced by an affection for pointy toes and spindly heels.
The company sees resorts buying these things, along with the well-heeled.
Since it's heeled onto one side, they'll have to learn how to walk on walls and scale the sloping, perilous decks.
His dad was a prosperous merchant, and his mom came from a whole family of well-heeled businessmen.
Well heeled science is not necessarily good science.
She began searching around the room, stepping through the thick pink rug on high-heeled boots.
In her hurry, her high-heeled foot slipped between the train and the platform, which at the time was quite close.
It's even become nearly impossible for well-heeled investors to buy rental properties.
We watch his hinge-heeled ethical contraption flap in the breeze of fundraising and personal finance.
She'd left her clothes hanging in the closet and her high-heeled shoes in their shoe trees.
Two decades later, they all seem perfectly comfortable playing to well-heeled old fans.
Low-income drivers are routinely charged higher auto insurance premiums than well-heeled car owners.
But that's something the well-heeled patrons of both establishments seem to take in their stride.
Now it's remade clothes, faded jeans and low-heeled pumps.
Plants shall be heeled-in at the storage site on same day of digging.
Long pants, heeled boots or shoes, drink and snack required.
Because of the stairs and a ladder, it is recommended that you not wear loose fitting or high-heeled shoes.
Low-heeled leather shoes that cover the entire foot.
Wear sturdy, well-fitted, low-heeled shoes with non-slip soles.
Plants shall be heeled- in at the storage site on same day of digging.
The period of confusion is past and the early construction scars have heeled.
The road system was maintained for these well-heeled customers.
Wear comfortable, low-heeled shoes or boots for walking.
If you are wearing higher-heeled shoes, allow for the extra inseam length needed.

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